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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Hello hello hello hello hello people. I'm wondering if it's just me, or are the images on my blog seemingly not loading?

Photobucket's been weird lately so I guess I'm just gonna have to upload my photos via Blogger. They're gonna be smaller definitely cuz I'm still sticking to the good ol' way of using templates on blogger rather than changing it to the new layout setting.

So recently I was done with my Hip Hop 2 course. The last lesson (like always) is the best because Xuehui breaks us up into groups to come up with our own blocking and like 2-8s of a choreo.

This time I got grouped with Inez again. Sadly no Anika, Jolyn or Ashley :(

But there was Tiffy! And we did group with people we last expected to be grouped with. Then again it was fun. Loads of fun actually.

So we celebrated by rushing off earlier to get our cuppa. Every week we fail to get our BBT with pearls! Either that or the shop would've already closed. This time it was open but no more pearls. Yet another time for the booing session.

Beloved Nika!

I'll miss you a lot babe. Can't help but feel sad whenever I realise I won't be seeing you in HH3. :(
Thanks for the Cadbury Rocky Road chocolate bar from Australia! I love chocolate from Aus.

I can't bear to eat it though!

Hahah you know what Inez said to me after I took this shot?

"Side view nice right!"

HAHAHA. This is why I love the people I hang out with from Hip Hop 2 seriously.

Ashley, Inez and I had a mini celebratory sushi picnic!


There was Ted too, but all you can see are his hands and his laptop in the picture I took of Jolyn. Hahah. He rarely joins us but I couldn't snap a shot of him cuz he was so engrossed in whatever he was doing on his laptop (trying to access someone's WiFi, apparently. 313 sucks cuz there isn't Wireless@SG at the basement).

I'm quite sad though. Nika's not attending Hip Hop 3. First Grace now her. I kinda miss Grace. They were the first two friends I ever made in Hip Hop 1 and I enjoyed dance every week cuz of them even though it was just 3 of us.

Oh well.

Rae and Cel stayed over yesterday night to study overnight and surprisingly, it was more productive than usual. My stomach give me problems though. I hate having a stomach that bloats up, like it's just AIR.

And I couldn't flatulence.

p.s. Flatulence = fart

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