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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Singaporeans Shmizaporeans

I'm waiting for my tutor, I'm bored, I have nothing to do. Blah. Entertaining myself with Facebook games isn't doing much either so I guess I'll go do some Math later.

My tutor was supposed to be here at 12:30pm but it's already 2 and I doubt he's on his way yet!

Anyway, I just watched this video on YouTube. Something about Singlish.

I read through the comments and the funny thing was, apart from the foreigners making fun of our poor usage of English, or what we term 'Singlish', the Singaporeans themselves were making fun of Singlish.

That's not all. The Singaporeans who made fun of Singlish commented IN Singlish. Oh the irony.. One dude was like, "I only got one thing to say about Singlish (or did he say Singaporeans?). KAN NI NA"

Like, seriously??

No wonder the foreigners think it's alright to make fun of Singaporeans -- SINGAPOREANS ARE MAKING FUN OF THEMSELVES.

Don't know whether to go dig a hole in the ground to hide my face or something.

p.s. Whoop I can finally cash out my Nuffnang money! But I think I'll leave it there to accumulate. I know myself too well -- I can spend money like I drink water whenever I feel like it.

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