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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Thought of Failing..

Can't sleep, so I'm rolling around in me momma's bed right now blogging via my cellphone.

The thought of taking the O Levels again.. Be it something minor like the oral examination tomorrow.... It scares me shitless.

Shitless literally and also to the point that I became a bottomless pit again. Now I know why I was like 100x fatter in sec4. The stress.. that crappy stress. It makes me turn to comfort food. Okay today I've had my normal breakfast of cornflakes + milk and a cup of Milo, and two really small char siew paos, for lunch it was the $1 super small black pepper chicken pie from Pie Kia. (Surprisingly that finish-in-2-bites pie made me satisfied)

Then came dinner. That was when I felt most stressed out cuz I knew I was hours away from the examination.

Ate a way early din with Quin and Aaron at Cuppage Plaza after our visit to NSC (to check out the sailing and windsurfing segment for YOG and to say hi to Mrs Sidhu + the sailing juniors helping out). Good times I used to have in the early years of secondary school at both venues, goooood times. Had awesome ramen that was totally worth the money (PHOTOS UP SOON BY THE NEXT POST PROLLY I SWEAR), left feeling really full -- Didn't even finish the gyoza so I packed back.

Left with a cup of bandung from the cai fan stall Cel and I love eating at, then bought bread home for tomorrow's breakfast. Was raining when I got back to AMK, so I went to find my parents. Bought ice-cream from the mix-in stall outside NTUC's checkout point to share with Mom.... came home only to finish like 2 out of 5 of the gyozas.

Thing is, I didn't pack it back for myself to eat. -_-

Gawd now I feel so sick knowing I overate today. My stomach's actually lurching now. Working out for the past few days did not cover this I SWEAR. Ugh was eating healthier 'till today omg.

The thought of failing scares me. I mean, failing once means you can always fail again, right? RIGHT? Gawd I am always extremely pessimistic at all the wrong times I swear!

Ker's awesome cuz she didn't mind accompanying me to Deyi Sec tomorrow. And I just read Alex's text. Aw!!

Thank you SO, SO, SO, SO SO SO SO MUCH BFFs!

I wouldn't be able to live if my life didn't have you guys, I swear!

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