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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Its been a while since I last blogged. Like August 4th whoa drought much.

Anyways I have photos to post up! Just lazy to go filter them and edit them or whatsoever. Been feeling really sloggish recently. But yesterday was the last day of work for me! Well at least until 2 months later when my O's are over.

I'LL BE BACK, AIRPORT. Just you wait!

I worked from 11am to 1am yesterday, which was pure madness. But it was cuz Michelle couldn't come, so they asked if I could work till 11 and I asked if I could work till 1am instead. It was awesome fun and I love all my colleagues. When we were about to part ways after coming out of the gantry Nurul gave me a hug and told me she would miss me a lot, and that made me shed buckets omg, mad embarassing! But I would miss her too, and everyone else at Kidztime.

Can't believe I'm saying this, but yes I would miss my workplace very much.

(Even though for the past few months I've been complaining and complaining and wishing I could just stop work/call in sick 24/6.. Yeah figures. I would really miss the place. Cried so much on my dad's car. NURUL ITS YOUR FAULT :'( )

Then comes the whole thing about my weight issue.

Recently resolved to eating healthily. I don't wanna lose weight for the sake of losing it. I want to REDUCE my weight and stay at it.

Lets just say its more of a lifestyle change, rather than a change that's only temporary.

I now have cleansing days, meaning on those days I stick to only eating veggies and fruits. No meat. I can have rice too, but I've been cutting down on my rice portions even though I LOVE rice. My bro and I can't live without rice so imagine how I am now, leaving like half my plate of rice behind after every meal..

..breaks my heart.

I've been eating three square meals with a light snack of like half a bowl of cereal etc inbetween. Brings up my metabolism rate I guess. And fruits. Been forcing myself to eat more fruits.

Then again, I think my body's not used to it. Like the whole shocking my system by cutting out all snacks, juice, sweet drinks and just drinking water. And oh, Milo too. I can't live without Milo like how the caffine addicts can't live without coffee/tea. My bad.

But yes I would want to start swimming once a week too, but everyone who agreed to swimming with me always can't make time for it. UGH. Swimming next week with Rei after our tuition whoopeedee! I'm a happy gurl!

Okay its raining cats and dogs now and I don't see how I can leave the house to meet Ker just yet. So.. blog later when I'm home from my studying day with photos, alright?


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