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Friday, August 20, 2010

Old Dance Vids

This was when I was like what, sec 2? Went back to watch all my old stuff and read my old blog posts on dance (click the label thing below and you'll see all the posts I tagged under 'Dance') and I realised I really miss Crystal and Maqrius's lessons.


My dance was so shitty back then how is it that I failed to realise it? I couldn't find the vid of my first and very own choreo to Like A Boy to post up, and that was the better one. Like this dancing dude even commented saying he'd be honoured if he had me as his dance partner. The Promiscuous Girl choreo was done by Maqrius. It was his style, not mine.

Classes back then were SO much fun because it was only a class of 3/4 people and we all knew each other so well. I loved the assignments Maqrius and Crystal gave us too, like the choreographing one and the whole dancing one-by-one thing infront of Maqrius and the owner of the studio we used as part of our Intermediate 1 exam.

We could chose stay back and practice for like 1 hour plus and all that shit.. and we did -- EVERY week. It was awesome. And oh I was SO MUCH THINNER in the past. Well of course this was when life was smooth and happier, before I became so terribly stressed out that I started eating more than I should.

I would love to see how I danced during the lessons I took up in primary 6. I still remember that the teacher choreographed to Don't Cha once and I was so eager to dance I would go for classes even if the rain was terribly heavy.. so I go in drenched.

Well it was, after all my first dance class, was so excited about it. Like I've been teaching myself with the aid of videos since primary 3 so yeah when my parents finally allowed me to take lessons in primary 6 it was like a MASSIVE thing to me.

To think I'm even paying for my own dance courses now.. hah. To anyone who ever wonders why I work and all that, its cuz I'm earning money to pay for my own hip hop courses, clothes etc.

..how everything has changed.

I still wonder sometimes if.. along the way, I lost my passion for dance. I still LOVE dance but laziness got the better of me. I will never again be that girl who would practice dancing from 12am to 3am every night without fail. Ashamed as I am to admit, BoA (Kwon -- the singer) inspired me to learn all that I have learnt today. I still dream of making it big with dance, but over the years so many people have been telling me dance is nothing but a hobby. SO MANY. It sucks and I really can't wait to get my education done and over with so I can focus on dance.

I told myself I'd end up living in a house with my own studio (and darkroom, for photography) that I could practice in.

Okay seems like I found the Like A Boy Choreo. HAHAHA I STILL THINK I LOOKED STUPID.

Enjoy (getting a good laugh)!

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