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Monday, August 23, 2010

Step Up 3D

My favourite scenes from the movie

So alright, I caught Step Up 3 in 3D with my friends from Hip Hop II.

Can't say anything else other than the fact that it's MAD AWESOME!

I mean yeah okay apart from the fact that Adam Sevani became way cuter in this third instalment of the movie, Rick Malambri was cute too.

Chadd Smith I LOVE YOU.
Maddchadd love!

Then again, call me over-sensitive, but the start of the movie made me feel all emotional.

Emotional because it was just the reminder to remind me why I wanted to dance in the first place; how I feel while dancing; how that feeling made me go further, to pursue more than what my parents thought I would have.

Those who have known me for a long time would know I am the kind of person who starts something only to give up halfway. Or what my parents would label me in Chinese, ban tu er fei.

In primary school I started all my CCAs only to quit around pri5 or latest mid of pri6.
(I had around 8-9 CCAs in primary school)

So of course my parents expected me to start hip hop only to stop within a year or less actually.

Hm.. truth be told it IS mind-boggling how come I never stopped dancing.


The starting's deep and a lot of thought was definitely put in to that. Props to Jon M. Chu. He dug deep for this man. I'm sorry I ever said that Step Up 2 was horrible and that I hated the fact you directed it because Step Up 3 proved me so wrong with SU3.

But hey, I did subscribe to your Youtube channel after SU2, didn't I? ;)

The little online dance battle between Miley Cyrus's "crew" and Adam + Jon's ACDC crew via Youtube like 2 years back? Awesome.

(I would really like Channing to come back though. You know, he IS a really good dancer.)

And rumours about the filming of Step Up 4 coming about makes me more excited!

Anywho, I realised that the movie paid less attention to Rick's skills and rather, it was more focused more on The Pirates? Well I don't know but this is the first time I noticed this. Like I hardly saw Rick dancing or having as much screen time while dancing as compared to the little numbers the crew did.



Thanks Jon M. Chu! The casting for this movie was done PERFECTLY.

I was squealing when Joshua came out (not to mention in the toilet with speakers sewed on his jacket! Man..). Then again, somehow Joshua doesn't seem.. Joshua-ish because there wasn't Katee. Like SYTYCD Incorporated both of them to the point that it felt weird seeing Joshua without Katee.

Katee Shean, I LOVE YOU.

(Then again, from this movie -- and the fact that I watched the Robot Rock clip like over 10 times -- it is very obvious why popping isn't tWitch's forte. That doesn't mean he's off my favourites list for SYTYCD S3-4!)

"Even though Step Up 3D consists mostly of one flashy, hip-hop dance-off after another, the influences are clearly visible and if nothing else Chu has cleverly incorporated sweet homages to the greats he grew up admiring."

p.s. Did any SHINee fans notice that the jackets that the opponents of The Pirates wore during the 'Dancing on Water' scene was the jacket that Jjong (or was it Onew? AH I THINK IT WAS ONEW) wore for the Juliette MV?

I know because I saw it at Nike once and wanted to buy it cuz I was like a 200% bigger SHINee fan back then than I am now. :S

I was like, "Nike sponsors SU3 a lot huh!" and John was like, "Nike? Spons Step Up? Why??"

p.p.s. I shall go listen to my SHINee playlist in my iPod now bye!

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