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Friday, August 13, 2010

Photo Overload


Waaaaaay overdue photos.

"Celebrated" an early NDP with the sailors and Cheryl. Celebrated Mrs Sidhu's belated birthday and had lunch @ Sokudo with Quin and Cheryl after.

Crap, I miss the pasta I had there already.

All forcing Mrs Sidhu into doing the sailing tradition:

*cue dramatic music*


Quinneh's awesome industrial piercing.

Might consider getting myself one after O's.. IF I'm not afraid of needles by then, cuz she told me they could only use a needle instead of the ear gun. Ugh.

HATE my phobia for needles.

Quinnie's omu rice.

My yummeh seafood pasta!
Yum tum tum.

Anyone notices the irony in here?

Park Jaebeom's album on top, followed by SuJu's album and oh, who's that below?

I mean seriously I felt weird seeing Jae and 2PM's albums in like, the same column.

That's all. Shall upload the YOG torch passover and me, Ker and Beanie's apple crumble photos. Must bake with them again soon cuz our apple crumble turned out AWESOME. :)

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