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Friday, July 26, 2013


(Told you I would get my blogging bug back in Space Media Practicum due to boredom. A few of us even started blasting and watching the NDP 2013 MV in class.)

Feels good to be back in school for class after not having classes since last Monday.

Well, "class". Since we're just sitting here and freezing in the classroom.

Life as a Year 3 student goes like this: FYP, FYP, practicum module, FYP, FYP, FYP, FYP FYPORTiEUFEIUFWA. Used to love the fact that I only have classes from 8-11 on the days I had school, but no, I kinda wish I was Year 2 again, rushing projects, presentations and reports with all the clashing deadlines.

Used to hate that, but right now when you've got so much time, it's honestly all you miss.

Oh, remember the 2nd fire that broke out in Singapore Poly within a week?

Was walking to MPH on Saturday for training, and this was what I saw.

Heard one of the makciks from the fried rice Muslim stall got sent to the hospital. All the vendors at FC3 are really nice people, hope they're all okay.


Finally got my iPhone 4's screen fixed today with Jack.

A whopping $75 and an hour later I left the shop with my baby back in my arms :')

Didn't get to buy my Canelé macarons since we were in a rush, which I felt really bummed out about cuz I was happily spazzing in my head about getting them after fixing our phones. It's alright, there's always next time!

Macarons seriously make me happy like nothing else on Earth heehee my happy pills!

Heehee I've been feeling so happy and so much better recently.

Done quite a bit of thinking and reflecting and gave serious thought of how miserable I have been the past few months.

I just thought and made the worst of every situation. It made me such a bitter person, and I snapped pretty easily and was highly irritable.

Decided that it was time for a change, especially since Geisel spoke to me and she told me only I can change how I see things, and being optimistic would make my life a lot less sad.

So I stopped expecting, stopped being mean and snappish.. and the moment something negative about myself/a person/a situation popped up in my head I told myself to shut it and find the good in everything and everyone instead. (Unless it's for the people I really abhor.)

Definitely works for me because I feel so much better now! My smile definitely comes from the heart too, it's not just me smiling for the sake of putting on a façade.

On a random note, my GPA this year's still 4.0 though, which is amazing and I've never felt more blessed and thankful. Although my combined GPA would still be shit, I hope the 4.0 would pull it up slightly even.

"Why suddenly so nervous about your GPA! Year 1 you also don't care, no A at all you also never say anything???"

Weeeeeell.............. I've been putting more thought into how I should attend university because I realised that I do enjoy studying.

I honestly regret placing studies as my priority only now when it's too late.

Then again I'm a strong believer in miracles happening to those who help themselves and those who hope for the best, so yeap! Hopefully something good comes out of this at the end of it all. Shall make the best out of every situation :)

I'm just really happy about the fact that I'm finally gonna see Russell after work later!!!! Another what, 21hours more to go?

It's been 2 long weeks since I last saw him, gah! So yes, I am of course entitled to feel happy and excited that I'm able to see him. :)

Alrighty mighty! Should turn in now, it's gonna be a long day tomorrow, what with me going to school (FINAL SUBMISSION FOR SPACE MEDIA PRACTICUM OMG SOMEONE GIVE ME SOME POMPOMS AND CONFETTI TO CELEBRATE THANKS), then heading down to Glenn's school near my place (emphasizing this cuz if I didn't need to travel to school I could just head straight down and be there after a 10-minute bus ride), then another bus ride down to Novena to work then back home to meet ze boyfriend hehe.


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