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Monday, July 22, 2013

Sleepless Nights..

..are made of these:

1) An insect (which you presumed was a cockroach) scuttling across your bedroom floor just as you shut your laptop off for the day to sleep. You later find out, upon closer inspection, that the insect is NOT a cockroach, and that it can fly.

2) Endless stupid thoughts of regret flooding your mind.

I'm surprised how its already 2.23am and yet I'm wide awake....... hi Katy Perry.

These thoughts are consuming my mind and it's killing me, especially since I tend to think and reflect a lot more at the end of the day. It's ridiculous that I would suddenly regret self-sourcing for my internship just because everyone else got fun companies they look like they would learn a lot from.

And it's affecting me enough to be blogging on my iPhone. With its cracked screen.

I need to see the positive I'm this — apart from my pay which is still by far the highest when I asked around to compare.

I need to stop regretting and start thinking how the company must be good if not all right, if not I doubt my gut feeling would've been holding the Pompoms of Encouragement in the first place, waving it in my face. I wouldn't have squealed either on both occasions whereby I stopped by the office (which would be the ITP company I'm working under in a few months).

Need. To. Be. Positive!!!!

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