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Saturday, August 27, 2011



Look at what I'm wearing to sleep again!

It's been a while since I last wore my PE shirts to sleep. Always felt that there was a need to "preserve" them cuz MFSS only sells those God-awful dry-fit ones now. These original PE shirts are like, considered rare.

God knows why I take so much pride in being in Unicorn house. I swear, it was fate that made me get into a house that was represented by the colour red.

Gonna go out with Geisel (and hopefully Sheri, Pika, Chan, Azrul.. IF they reply their texts) tomorrow to shop and chill! FOREVER21 ANYBODY?????????! Can't wait! Gotta love impromptu plans like that really ;) And hopefully lunch with the family before that because it's been weeks since I last sat down to have a proper meal with them and I gotta admit, I really miss them.

Today was a terribly exhausting day I suppose. Both mentally and physically.

Felt like I was battling some sort of mental war with my emotions. On one hand I was telling myself not to let criticism get to me and to let it manifest into something that's destroying me. On the other hand, I was telling myself how useless I am and how I can't do anything but dance.

I don't really feel motivated to dance anymore.

When was the last time I did something for myself? Since months ago maybe? That's why I can't wait for tomorrow's shopping + chilling trip with Sel. Gonna spend the weekend clearing my thoughts before coming back full-force on Monday to dance my best for/with Rustique. Walked out on them today because my emotions got the better of me, and I feel like I can't let them down anymore.

So yes, this weekend is THE GWEN WEEKEND.

Everything I do this weekend will be for ME. If I dance/shop/drink/chill/whatever, it's all for me, myself and I.

I need to get my old self back. Need to stop weeping over nothing and need to stop being such a pathetic crybaby. The Gwen everyone knows always picks herself up.


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