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Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Not much fun at the moment, apparently.

What with all the deadlines for multiple projects coming up soon, even a CA3 IMW project we just received news on today.. it's dead tiring. But I'll admit, from what I see, DMC seems to be the course that has the most fun so far. We rush projects like mad when we have to, but in class we do so much interactive work with our lecturers its fun. Like playing games, discussing current topics..

Juggling a CCA and studies in poly's much harder than it seems. Or maybe it's just because I'm really committed to SDZ. Thing is, it's not just me who feels this way so I'm thankful for the SDZians cuz we're there to push each other on.

NDP performance tomorrow, Go Green flashmob to plan for with the other juniors from different genres, SDZ Jam, Teenage Kpop semi-finals. Everything's rushing by so fast now it's blurry.

Above are photos of Rach and I camwhoring with Jacob's cap! I love his cap cuz it's red and spongey. Then he told me, "It's a sponge cap."

..Explains the spongey-ness.

We're all fat dancers. Or at least I am (the fat hip hop dancer), they aren't (they're the not-fat moderner and bboy).

Okay bye!

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