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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good morn'!

Bleurgh it's already 6 and I've yet to get some sleep! #benefitsofhavingholidays

So I caught the Arsenal vs. Udinese match earlier. Dad and I were excited that Arsenal won Udinese 2-1 and got in through to the Champion's League! Congratulations boys, it was a well-deserved win.

Really bummed out that Nasri has, well, officially left the club :(

When watching the match with Dad earlier (the biggest Arsenal fan I have ever met -- has been supporting Arsenal since he was in secondary 1), he suddenly mentioned:
"Samir Nasri left already you know right? He's a money-grabber, he! Go burn your jersey. Wait, can change name? You should buy a jersey with Ramsey's name. He looks more handsome than Nasri. Of all names you put Nasri.. That bugger left!"

I was all le egad! and le gasp! when he said that.
Broke my heart even further. :(

Oh well.

Glad to say my opinion of Justin Bieber has changed after I downloaded + watched half his movie! Well I couldn't sit still past an hour into the movie (I say 'half' because it got a bit too boring, shall continue tomorrow!) But it's inspiring how his determination and hard work led him places.

Hope to be like him in terms of dance! Never stop dreaming ;)

Speaking of dance, I miss this girl right here:

POONIE! My dearest hip hop budddd.

Keep muggin' kiddo, keep muggin'! Shall see you at *SCAPE tomorrow luv

Glad to say since my study break (it wasn't considered holidays till my last paper), I've been spending quality time with the dancers. Even before my study break started we already spent almost everyday together! Sherilynn, Rach, Sarah, Azrul, Bazinga, Inez, Muto, Calvin.. Love you guys :)


Okay, same routine: A photo, an ending caption (sometimes), and a "bye" or "goodnight" when ending a blog post! Here we go..


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