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Thursday, August 04, 2011

We try and we try

Just had the longest Skype chat with Azrul a.k.a. Zulzul and Calvin a.k.a. Pikachu. We were supposed to discuss some issue but we ended up talking about everything else BUT the issue.

I really miss chatting like that. Just talking random nonsense. How long has it been since I found time to even call someone to talk anymore? Well technically I'm not even a phone person so I guess it doesn't matter. But yeah SDZ Skype chats are really funnnnnnnnnn.

Had a "performance" for this NDP preview ceremony thing in SP with the SDZians today. Sin said he saw me and called me non-stop cuz but I couldn't hear me. He even mentioned that he should've videoed me doing our motivator thing so that he could upload it and humiliate me haha!

Quality bonding time with the SDZians over practising and mini cypher and sharing circles while waiting for rehearsals to start, even though Carel and I felt like shit because we were unwell throughout the whole thing. Fadz did an awesome job hosting <3 And the little kids from the Kinderland thing in SP were too cute. The girls from SDZ went nuts while they pranced around on stage with their little pompoms.

What I've done, yet to do, and have to do:
  1. NDP preview-thingamajig (DONE)
  2. Teenage Kpop semi-finals
  3. SDZ Jam auditions
  4. SP Go Green flashmob (organised by SDZ juniors)
  5. POM CA2 presentation
  6. DB CA2 + CA3
  7. IMW CA3
  8. Study for POM written test
  9. Study for major ICP CA2 written test
4 more weeks till sem break, 1 week till study break. I'll have to tolerate ALL THESE for the next few weeks.

I'm having such a horrible migraine right now.. actually I have been for the whole day. It never went away. God knows why I'm still awake at this hour. I've got a terribly long day ahead!

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