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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Whoa how long has it been since I last touched this space??!

Okay apparently crazy-long. But hi guys, I'm baaaaaaaack!

So my life in a nutshell..
  1. Auditions for Waves 16
  2. KPop dance competition training
  3. Hanging out with dancers
  4. Studying
  5. Studying with dancers
  6. More studying
  7. ESTs
Y'all had better come watch SDZ Waves 16 next year! Excited to get the results of the auditions and for training to start.

Since this holiday's gonna be a long one, I really hope that I'll be able to use this time to improve on dance. Can't wait to go back to O School for Allegra's classes.. I miss her classes so much!

Also hope to use this time to go out and take photographs + to lose weight! Ever since I started mugging for my paper (yes how lucky am I to have only one paper to take! Even the year 2 DMC students have to take what, 3 papers?) I've been gaining weight like nobody's business. My mom said so! And if your parents tell you that you've gained weight.. well, they're most prolly right on that.

Went to town with Becca + Shermin after our paper today and boy did it feel good to spend $80 on stuff @ Forever21!!! My bank account doesn't feel the same way though. Meh :( But I absolutely HAD to shop! I've not shopped for like what, months? I spend everyday at school, then going for dance almost immediately after. SP has become my second home :(

Okay it's apparently 5:28AM. Wanted to get up at 8AM for a jog before heading to school later in the afternoon for dance but OH WELL LOOK AT THE TIME.

Time for a round or two (or three or maybe even four) rounds of Tetris Battle on Facebook before I head to bed..

Okay bye!

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