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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Teenage Kpop Dance Battle 2011 Finals

Hey y'all!

So I took part in this year's Teenage Kpop Dance Battle with Rustique. Even though we didn't emerge in the Top 3 I didn't feel disappointed or anything cuz the process alone was really rewarding. Being in the Finals alone was pretty awesome itself!

Gonna post up the rest of the photos some other time. But for now here are some of the photos taken while announcing the winners:

Zack's face.. CLASSIC.

Your 2011 Teenage Kpop Dance Battle Winners: MORE THAN FIVE

T'was an amazing experience overall. Felt the SDZ pride thing going on due to that More Than 5 are all our alumnis. Watching them dance was truly inspiring.

Can't believe I complained so much and even thought of pulling out of this. Who knows how much I would've regretted doing so.

Well it's currently 4:38AM. I've to be up at 7.30AM to get ready to be in school by 9 cuz Rustique's gonna be performing at Changi Airport T3 this weekend and we have vetting to go through tomorrow. Just when I thought I could take a break from all the hardcore dancing.. sigh here comes another week of it.

Monday: Training
Tuesday: Airport perf vetting
Wednesday: Training
Thursday: Flashmob training + Waves item training
Friday: Flashmob training
Saturday: Airport performance
Sunday: Flashmob performance

Well done Gwen, well done.

Dancing so much actually makes me miss the sea.

I really miss my sailing days. Bonding with the sailors at the "Opposite Coffeeshop" after our trainings which ended late, camping out at sea waiting for first warning signals during regattas, the feeling of my byte hitting the waves when sailing during strong wind, my fear of going downwind due to the fact when I first started out in sailing I turtled on the downwind (strong wind) a lot of times...

..and then eventually overcoming that fear when I was in secondary 4 because I learnt how to pump (heehee I know it's illegal!) and to catch wind pockets. Even though it makes you go faster (which = more unstable), I felt more comfortable, surprisingly.

I really miss putting on my booties, UV suit, and my torn and tattered pair of track pants.

Then comes the part where I miss my secondary school days in MFSS.

I sometimes wonder why I never treasured my secondary school days more because those were honestly some of the best days of my life. I made the truest friends there and had the best and worst experiences. No wonder they say secondary school is prolly the most happening and life-changing part of most people's lives.

Life in poly's just.. different.

I have to say I'm extremely thankful that I'm in SDZ. Definitely the best CCA/club to be in IMO. Everyone's family there, and I've made a handful of decent friends there and I can't tell y'all how much I love them.

This passion for dance we have just drives us to work hard at dance together. Prolly why we bond even faster.

Waves training's officially starting this week for Zul + Unkle's item and I'm terribly excited for that! Can't wait to experience Waves for myself after seeing how Inez went through Waves15 last year. Watching it made me want to go to SP for SDZ and I hope Waves16 would inspire more kiddos to do that too!

Ah well. Off to bed I go! Early morning vetting tomorrow, here's hoping that I won't be late (which I prolly will be).

Goodnight y'all!

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