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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Flashing at its Best

Performed with the SDZ Go Green flashmobbers on Sunday at Zhenghua CC.

On. A. Sunday. Morning.

Actually, for our first performance together I thought it was pretty good and definitely a job well done. We didn't expect ourselves to be that neat and watching the video Shiying took for us using Jevin's DSLR shocked us but oh well! Really proud of us, especially since we're all juniors in SDZ. Go Flashers!

So on Sunday I had to get up really early to be at the CCK LRT platform by 10am. As usual, only got there around 10.10am or so? Need to start being on time. Either that or be earlier.

Once we got there we took the LRT to Segar!

First ever LRT ride! Well okay I think I took it once as a kid but I don't really remember if I did especially on the CCK side so I'm counting this as the first.

Walking to Zhenghua CC.

We decided to put on our jackets outside because we were all wearing our green shirts, so it was pretty obvious we were performers! (This was supposed to be a flashmob)

Kiat Seng the L4D2 Hunter-wannabe

"Veli hot..!"

Shiying's super cute here!
And God knows what Azrul's doing..

Azrul getting sabotaged by Ben

And he had to dance on stage with the emcee. HAHA

Her stomach fats are fake, btw. If you were there it would be pretty obvious.

The emcee had no shame though. She kept making people guess her weight and saying that she's heavy and all that. You don't do that to yourself??
But it was all good, she provided us with fun and laughter.

"Dope, dope!!!!"

The typical dancers' hand sign which is an indicator that something/someone is dope.

Other indicators include:
1) Throwing of shoes
2) Throwing of caps

Bboys doing their thang!

Jacob why are you the only one that's blurry?


Now it's fogged up..

..and suddenly it isn't!

This really amused Inez and I. We never knew that the LRT's windows could do that! Apparently Rach/Jasmine?? told us that it's because of the fact that the LRTs are located so near the HDB flats, and the government does this to protect the privacy of the people staying in those HDB blocks.

That's pretty cool.

Cute baby we saw on the LRT back to CCK!

Adorable thing kept smiling and making these faces. Major aw moment!

Time Crisis 4! I definitely prefer playing TC 2 and 3 but the arcade at Lot 1 doesn't have the older versions of Time Crisis :(


We proudly present..

The Adventures of TheMcDonaldsicecreamwaffleconeholderthatfellontheground!

Jacob trying to prove that TheMcDonaldswaffleconeholderthatfellontheground can stay on his nose-

KS and his foldable ears.

Been feeling pretty down lately. So many problems and worries on hand now but I'm thankful for those around me, especially the dancers. Love y'all very very much!

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