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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Still getting used to the lappy..

Whoever said using a laptop the whole day was just super-comfortable?

Blah to anyone who claims that! I've used the laptop since 3.30pm this afternoon and its currently 15mins to 1am. Never left the lappy except to do stuff that I need to do, like, bathe, watch TV, eat. Blahblah.

Apparently now my neck feels sore.

And apparently I just realised how slow this laptop is in realising theres new software connected to it. Like, wapiang, I connected it.. waited.. waited.... and waited. WHERES MY AUTORUN!

My camera is smart.. it got so bored of waiting for the autorun to start that it turned itself off when the "New Hardware Found" "Cannon blahblahblah" came up. Wapiang!

Okay, I've classified all my pictures in folders. Good, it looks much neater - that is, if I even had so many photos to classify. Its not like my desktop, where I've got like heaven knows how many photos stored in that big thing.

Complaints and compliments about the laptop aside.

Time to blog about yesterday, the outing at the beach with a few of my aunts and uncles and 2lil cousins (kachengs!).

Not too many photos to share cos while cycling my mom forbade me to bring my hp and my camera just in case I couldn't hold them properly while cycling.

Aye, my photo-blog life is dull and meak. (Oi! Why are most of my photos in black-and-white! Okay I guess I was at the "artistic feel" point of time.

ZOMG FOOD! GLORIOUS FOOD! Eh, what a pig. But there was like, chao a lot of food prepared that day. Not a lot if you're like, eating at home or something. But its a lot for a relaxing day at the beach. Holy cow, there was like packets of beehoon, tuna sandwiches, paos, packet milk and chocolate milk, flasks and erm, those thingys with this circle on top of them you press to get hot water out of hot water.. yadayada.

Apparently my bro and Garian just finished building their own "home", second to the humongous tent all the bags were dumped in. He slumped on the chair, looking for more breakfast (the two boys already had their share of breakfast in their HUGE -to be truthful, it was really small..- tent).

Obviously not obvlious to the fact I was taking pictures of him.

I could say tho, the wind that day, wasnt exactly what you'd call "oh! What a windy, relaxing, COMFORTABLE day at the beach!" exclaimation mark exclaimation mark exclaimation mark.

After breakfast (which was a super long time btw), we waited for the people who drove her to go park their cars at the parking lot near my passed-on grandma's house the carkpark. Waited...waited.. OH! OKAY! Lets go cycling! *children all go crazy and jump up from their spots* (just so you know, I'm officially a teen as of last year, so, obviously I wasn't one of those kiddos. You know that, dont you?)

Cos there was so many of us, we rented about 8 bikes. 2 of the bikes were those 2 seater kinds. The guy at the bike shop who attended to us was, ahem, quite shuai. LOL. Okay huge joke, back to topic. But hor.. that guy hor -


I didnt take pics cos, if I have to repeat, my camera wasnt with me. It was horridly, brutally, harshly buried away in that stuffy bag in that stupid big stuffy tent that was stuffy-ly stuffed with stuffy bags of the same kind. How stuffy.

Those bikes with 2 handles, 2 pedals, 2 everything, were very, ewwish looking. So no class.

Mine, of course, was a classy RED bike. A few scratches here and there but blah! Who cares man. I wanted to take the nicer blue ones but BLAH! The guy gave me the red one instead. Nevermind, Gwen is really, really open-minded and not picky at all. She takes anything given.. Including a new pair of rollerblades with orange wheels and is black!

Reality check:
Firstly, I'm not really rich enough to buy a new set of wicked blades and customise them with those lovely orange wheels at that blading shop and
Secondly, I've already got a set of blades at home. VERY old, but usable.

Okay, back to topic.

Cycled all the way to NSC and back. Took roughly almost an hour for that.

My grandaunt complained of butt cramp when we went back to the tent. My mom had butt cramps so bad she got off the made-for-2 bike and walked! All the way from around the first line of stores to the tent!

Wow, mom, you are very "wei da".

Cos I was so tired, I just chionged back on the bike (pedalled while standing up) and when I got to the tent I flopped down.

I wanted to take a picture of all the bikes when all the bikes were

  1. Parked in a line
  2. Scattered around the floor mats in a circle

But apparently, my uncle was sun tanning in the Sun. Shirtless!

Bleh.. who wants a pic of a shirtless guy sitting in a foldable chair on MY BLOG!

Eww much!

I took a pic of the bikes nearest to me (the red one, ME rented!). If my relatives didnt know how much I'd love taking pictures, they'd think I was mad. Okay actually they dont.

So maybe there and then they were thinking "Why is Gwendolyn bent over on the mat like shes doing yoga, and having the camera on the grass!" (I was taking a close-up shot, with MACRO! Dont you just LOVEEE cameras with that function?)

Tired Gerald slumped down in the bigger tent, abandoning his HUGE home that he and Garian spent time (and lots of "GERALD! BRING UP THAT SIDE LA!!!", majority screams of commands) setting up. He told me it was really hot inside their tent, so he jumped into uncle Colin's. Apparently, the Gameboy came to the resue.

Nono, not the Game-boy the Gameboy. I meant the electronic device my brother would die without.

I dont really know why, but my brother was the center of attraction for all my photos!

And I already told Tricia that SHE was going to be my model for the day, posing for pictures with kiddy captions/title.

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