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Monday, June 11, 2007

Gwen is lazy to blog here

I've just made my second Live Journal erm, journal! Haha.

And yes you must check out my deviantart account man. I did a rushing job and submitted everything. POW!

The CD drive for my CPU's cranky. Sigh. And I just reformatted my computer, for the millionth time. This kinda sucks, it seems like in the whole world only my computer gets serious viruses every few months?

And even tho this computer is somewhat reformatted, I think the little viruses are somewhat swimming in the hard drive somewhere.. *stares at CPU*

I've finally got my own really active topic under Entertainment > Movie at DeviantART. Its like, over 110+ replies. Haha. Not too bad, quite active lah. The first forum topic I started wasn't off to a good start ei?

Time to redownload all my programs for my computer. I am proud to say auditionSEA is working fine and dandy for me now. Smiles!

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