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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Happy (belated) birthday David!

I can't reply tagboard comments for now cos Error 403 popped up. So yeah. Sorry guys, I've not blogged for a long time.

So lets see. Loads to talk about.

So I shall talk about today.

We went to wash boats at NSC! :D I'm sharing boat 12 with Peckkhee. Its the boat Tzuling is using for training lol. It was a bit dirty at the bottom of the boat for a while but in the end me and Peckkhee cleaned it up until it was like WOAH. Clean. LOL.

Washing boats are like, damn fun can. Haha.
Tzuling's padded hiking straps are nice man. Damn nice. I wanna buy one too lol. Heard from dunno who (think Aaron) that its about 35bucks. Not sure tho. Wait till I start using MOE boats then say lah lol.

Stupid Justin Law!

Go use the hiking straps the guys changed (they KOPE-D the school's padded hiking straps, and Mrs Sidhu told me the school's ones are not padded D: sad lah) off from the MOE boats and used it to whack me (damn I didn't misbehave [don't get the joke? You know Justin Timberlake's song Sexy Back?? "I'll let you whip me if I misbehave" Darren said to Wenfeng "You can't whip me! I DIDN'T MISBEHAVE LA!!!" when Wenfeng wanted to 'whip' him lol])! He called me the maid. LOL. Please la, I was almost nice enough to let him drink my Milo! Greedy pig D:

Celebrated David's belated birthday today!


Came back to school quite late cos we took a long time to wash the boat.

End up most of the girls (only 3) didn't bathe lol. Sad lah.. went to school to bathe lol. Then we went to amk hub, walk around for a while, discuss where to eat, walk in and out of the new arcade (I went there last Sunday. Nah, I'm sticking to Jubilee's arcade man. Hate Drummania's 9th Mix machine), argue over whether everyone was rich enough to eat Fish 'n' Co (the queue was super long can).

Then half went Macdonald's to eat, some Subway. I sticked with Subway. Long time since I ate at Subway, and I would be the only girl going Mac if I did. Tired of eating Macdonald's!

After that I chionged with Quin and Luoling and Ningxin to the arcade.

Audrey, Isabelle, Aaron, Wenfeng, Liang Hong and Darren already went there earlier. Darren and Liang Hong went there after gobbling down their Subway sandwiches and chionging there.

Some secondary girls (and erm, guy? And I can tell cos of this t-shirt they were wearing from last year's Fund Fiesta. Got a clue what school?) kept hogging the Drummania game machine. I topped up my card and stood there looking like some idiot for almost 45mins.

Girl: *takes Tapz card and scanned it to play again*
Me: Err.. okay... I wait till they finish this round.
-after 1 and a half stage, they failed the stage again-

Girl 2: kao bei! *takes card and scans again to play*
Me: what the hell...........

Please la, they failed like almost 4 times? And they two people play one machine! 1 girl had rythm sense and was pretty good. The other helped to fail by practically missing every thing she hit.

They wasted a lot of money. Always at around 1st Stage then fail liao. Then they just kept scanning like they owned the machine. Cannot see got a few people behind you waiting to play huh. The auntie at the counter just watched me watch them like some idiot. You're too lousy for ME to be standing there to WATCH you. You weren't like that guy who came after you la. He was DAMN pro. And the guy after him? Pro like hell la! (played all songs extreme and in hidden mode. Never auto-peddal somemore sia!)


There was this guy behind me, who seemed a bit like those, cool guys? Looked a bit paikia but I can tell he wasn't la.

He got his friend to help him go infront and scan the card for him 3 times. I was damn shocked. I was like: *jaw drops* NOOOO! I waited here BEFORE YOU LA!! AHHHHH! *pulls hair*

Then he was like me, standing (nono, he was sitting at one of those sweet-scooping machines, like where I always sit on Sundays while waiting for people to finish their game) there like an idiot with folded arms, watching them play.

But since he already scanned his card to "book" (most frequent drummania players will do that so that people won't hog the machine) his game for 3 rounds. I didn't do that cos it was quite obvious those girls and guy were older than me, and I wasn't or didn't look anywhere near a paikia. What if they got angry at me thinking I'm so 'tua', or 'big-shot' and picked a fight? Yeah my sailing friends were with me.

All playing Daytona and laughing and shouting damn loudly from half the place away!


Since he scanned his card, he knew those people can't use his credits for their play. They were quite noob, except the guy and one girl with the rythm sense. Then we waited for a while..

Waited... and waited.

After the 1st Stage...

Machine: "Danger Zone"

A while more!!!

"Thank you for playing!"

I was like, heh.

The guy was like, *high fives friend beside him* WOOHOO! HAHAHA!

Those people turned behind and frowned. Oh-o. Not a good sign sia..

Then the guy took over since it was his credit already. Then he started playing, changed mode to extreme, increased speed to 4.0, chose quite an easy song for EXTREME but damn easy to me for BASIC, and started.

Omg, the notes just went flying past. He could hit them. He was good la, but not as good as those real DM pros I've seen around Bugis.

Those secondary school people watched him for his first stage.
Then they were convinced they were nowhere near his standard and couldn't challenge him..

And they LEFT!

I was like, LOL la! Noobs...

Then I went to watch the rest play Daytona since that guy had about 3 credits. There was this couple that looked like they were quite in the age to have been working for at least a few years waiting for the DM machine too.

When I went back, they were playing. I was like, "Huh! I thought he had 2 more credits since he already used one???" And I saw that the game machine had 2 credits. Oh, maybe he was so sianned and wanted to leave that he gave his credits to them?!?! Impossible. Maybe they bought it from him and paid him using cash? Maybe...

The lady alone was damn pro.

The guy?!

PRO LIKE HELL. Yep, the guy I mentioned slightly earlier.
Pro like shit la! I watched in amazement and wasn't the only one. There was soon a crowd can!

They brought their own drumsticks la omg. Drummers? Maybe.

Then they were left with 1 credit.. and I had to go. 10.40pm.. supposed to meet the other half of the movie people at 10.30 with the half I was with. Darren was playing Parapara (he's a guy but HE'S LIKE DAMN PRO IN IT CAN. Lol!) so they played a while more (Daytona and some Tekken 5 and some Bishi Bashi) and they were leaving. Super late to meet the rest le.

T_T I waited for so long for nothing. Aaron was like, walao Gwen you damn poor thing la. Wait there for 30mins plus and didn't get to play! T_T yeah Aaron, don't need to remind me.

And we rushed off to AMK Hub :D

We ran like crazy. Zach said when he saw us all scaling the escalator (it wasn't working, and we ran all the way, so we were damn tired and sweaty) he was laughing like siao lol.

I think I sweat more from that running more than I sweat after a few mins of running during normal pt days lol.

They said we should suggest to Mrs Sidhu or Ms Cheng a new pt format: MOVIE AFTER PT!

Then we'll all chiong there lol!

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