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Friday, June 01, 2007

Somewhat melted speakers..

apparently i'm gonna be blogging more while lazing around on my bed/sofa. cos guess what?

MY LAPTOP (not mine literally but i use it the most :P) HAS GOT INTERNET CONNECTION. *evil laughter in the background*

Apparently my dad just went off to sleep without me and its like 1.35am. ahhhh! D:

I'm currently lazy to post pics. check back and i might have uploaded the pics into my com :D cos now i'm using the laptop heh!

Watched some really good short youtube clips on, well of course YOUTUBE!

This Parkour vid is quite good. Or at least i find it so. My dad thinks Parkour has got some computer effects done to it, and i've spent the whole day since 2+ convincing him its definitly NOT done by stunt doubles, nor is it done by computer effects.

I'm gonna try to get my bro to learn parkour. damn cool, and he needs to drop off the half geekish feel. he needs to be cool and not be so afraid of stuff like heights.

maybe i wont blog so much about the "somewhat melted speakers" part of the title. Cos currently i'm really lazy to upload the pics. just wanna blog and go to sleep man.

And gosh, I have to realise my blog is getting more boring each day. I suppose. Heh. I'm just somewhat getting really lazy to post. And I'm always not changing my layout.

"ZOMG -whoever- has changed his/her blog layout! So damn cool."
"Eew. Gwen's blog is still the same old layout. *laughs*"

HAHA. I'm like, imagining this scene.

My legs feel really numb. Oww.

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