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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Gwen is broke

I need a holiday job. I'm not even of legal age to earn money via my blog!

I'm gonna go be broke soon.

My mom gave me 50bucks cos I was going out with Kerrie and Bev they all on Ker's birthday. I told her I needed to buy a new belt and earrings as some of my earrings I bought from Bugis are spoilt, and that I was gonna catch a movie with them. Then she "okayokay" and gave me the 50bucks.


I feel so bloody pissed off now that I know I've primarily gone broke.


1. NEVER CATCH A MOVIE ON A WEEKEND. The tickets cost a freaking 9BUCKS AND EVEN NEED 50CENTS. Watch it on a weekday.

2. There is not a need to take neoprints too often. If you wanna take neoprints, theres such a thing as a camera, and paint. If you're more priveledged, use Photoshop.

3. Lunch at home, just might be better than lunch outside sometimes.

ESPECIALLY if you're broke for theoradically the other half of the holidays.

Wah, to compensate me, my dad just gave me like 35bucks as my allowance for the rest of the week. JUST GREAT! What a fully nice way to cheer your daughter up especially since you gave her the money AFTER she had told you she needed a holiday job as she doesnt get allowance.

I was shocked when my mom told me the 50bucks was for me for practically 2-3 weeks. They told me I wasn't gonna get allowance for the holidays.

Maybe, just maybe. If I didnt tell them, they might not have given me the 35bucks.

Yeah. I think so. Shouldn't have told them then.

See whether they will give or not.

Only after I got upset cos my mom never did tell me that money was my allowance, then did my dad go into the room and get the money. I told him I didnt want it. He practically made me take the money by saying "Take it lah.. take it okay?"

Bloody hell.

I'm still angry.

This is how broke I am.

Cheapo stuff - dont complain.

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