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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Back to service!

Yep, I went for church service at my church HOPE CHURCH SINGAPORE :D

It was good again to be back in the house of God, and see my beloved caregroup friends/ZIONITES. Just, well, couldn't warm up to them so much yet.

And has anyone told you yet that typing on a normal keyboard is so much better than typing on a keyboard on a laptop?
I betcha not.


Dont believe that person. That person is so, so soooo wrong man.

I can testify its not true.

How and why?

I've got one of those BLOODY CUTS (erm, or blisters!) on the back of my foot. AND its not exactly friendly.

Whenever I just lightly touch it, the stupid patch of skin-be-gone-less skin hurts so much like something's burning that part of your leg. Even if its just lightly touching an area near it, it would b-b-b-b-BURN!

I'm feeling so tired.

So yes, I went for service. Supposed to meet Wenzhen at AMK Mrt station but was late so she went off first. Then I missed the training Yining was on cos I was topping up my card! Wth man, whhhat the hhhell.

When I got to Somerset MRT station, YINING AND WENZHEN came chasing after me as I almost went up the escalator! Aww, they waited for me! So sweet can. Earlier while smsing Yining, I told her my shoe gave me a thing to remember - a patch of skin gone (easier said a big, big cut) from my lovely Adidas sneaker!

And the thing is, she still remembered about how the Converse shoe used to give me problems such as these months back, before I stopped going to church. She actually REMEMBERED. My shepherd and sheepmate are lovable man.

After service, me, Layling, Seepeng (and Huixuan (MY NEW LOVABLE CAREGROUP MEMBER COMING IN AS OF NEXT CAREGROUP!) and Jocelyn, but they left shortly after that) kept going from Nexus, to Meridian. Then back to Nexus, and then Meridian.

Layling: "I go buy the Connect Journal! Its very good for you, it covers 4months, teaching you everyday how to connect to Jesus. I'm going back to Nexus to buy it first hor!"

So, we followed.

Layling: "Oh I'm done paying! Aiyah you all stand here so sian.. wanna go back Meridian chatchat and sit around there? I need to meet Pam."

Back to Meridian...

Someone: "Aiyah sit here very sian I guess. Wanna go back Nexus wait for the people in meeting?"

Back to Nexus Auditorium. Theseryblahblah (dont know how to spell) service (this service is for Poly and above people) was gonna start, so it was damn noisy. Then Yihui and Layling left to go airport first I think.. gonna send of forgotwhatshername as she's going to strengthen the church in south America or something I think.

So only left me and Seepeng. We chatted, sat on the off-ed escalator and chatted, then saw Yining, with Wenzhen running behind after her. LOL.

So Yining, Wenzhen and me went to Meridian to eat with Tiffany. Seepeng went shopping with Kristle. So good lah! I wanna go shopshop too! No money, parents wont give and I'm not earning my own currently D:

After eating me and Wenzhen walked to Dobhy Gaught MRT station to go home. (Its nice having a caregroup member staying in AMK with you!)

Oh, did I mention?

Today I went to church cos Yining requested me, as its the last service we're having as a unit.


I will definitly miss the guys from my caregroup, NEA2.

Dont worry, caregroups might be a bit more boring without you guys. And I've not even seen what caregroup with Yeshen and the new guys are like! LOL.

Seepeng, Michelle, Layling, Jon Quek and Yihui are all moving on to grad group (Seepeng and Mich), JC group (Jon and Yihui), or MinOps (Layling). Will miss you guys too! Dont worry, NEA will always be there to support you guys :D Enjoy yourself at the new groups you're going to. As you said, it might be God's plan, so as to refresh yourself.

As for all the girls from NEA2 and NEA1, we're gonna combine groups and some girls from YCKSS (Huixuan including! :D) are gonna come join us for service.... A lot of people, I'm not used to a big caregroup. But with Karchian and Yining around, I guess it will be fine.


Bye NEA(2) and all the great memories..

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