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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Eating @ Hatched

I realised I've been saying this a lot in the past few posts, but I haven't blogged much lately.

Been really busy, what with us being swarmed with presentations and submissions on the first week back at school. Next week will see us doing the same, especially with a test tomorrow (which I'm not done studying for yet).

Went to Hatched recently with Alex and Bev for brunch!

All photos in this post was taken with Instagram. My poor DSLR didn't have the juice to be lugged along that day :(

Heard quite a bit about it and decided that we should try it instead of the usual sushi and Seoul Garden buffet. 

We initially thought Hatched would be hard to find as I've read around that you'd have to walk quite a far distance in to Holland V to find it, and we were proven wrong after withdrawing cash as it was right around the corner!

I love eating eggs, and found it hard to pick which to order because they all sounded so good. In the end Alex and I decided to share a plate of eggs benedict. Can't really remember the name of the dish, but it was the one with beef and potatoes!

Sadly it wasn't all that good - prolly due to the beef - but the eggs were delish. Love it when an egg's well poached! RUNNY YOLK YUMZ. I guess I should've ordered the salmon one instead, prolly would've enjoyed it more.

Decided to order desert afterwards and we settled for F.T.P, which apparently stands for French Toast........... something.

Best french toast I've ever had, that's for sure.

Met the dancers after to get quotations for tokens of appreciation at Queensway and we had dinner at IKEA! Mmm I love the food at IKEA so much I swear. I think I go there more often to eat then to shop really.

But hey at least I bought a container to organise my stuff that day. Meh.

Oh well, back to studying for tomorrow's CP written test. Good luck to all my 01 babies (okay that sounds really weird if I used that on the guys........) for the paper tomorrow! And all the other DMC peeps.

"One stress, all stress together."

I think that's subconsciously our motto.

Happy rug-lovin', guys!

p.s. Check it out! The episode of WongFu Weekends for their tour in Singapore's finally out!

You can see a bit of Razis and I just before the introduction fades to black when we were screaming at the auditorium.


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