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Sunday, July 08, 2012


So okay, I injured myself after my showcase item training 2 days back.

We pulled out the mats and started doing flips. Me being me, I wanted to nail down my landing for my front flips and well.......

..this happened.

I told myself, "Okay, one last flip then pack up and change for dinner. It's almost 11pm." (for dancers our dinner's usually around 10-11pm cuz we dance till late and we don't eat in-between. Sigh, my weight gain must've come from all the late "dinners".)

Some of the bboy juniors were giving me tips on how to land my flip, and after I told myself the above sentence, I jumped, flipped, and landed with my knee in my eye and a crack sound, which resulted in a swollen eye which couldn't be opened for the whole night.

The right side of my face went numb after that.

Yup, that was my 'one last flip' alright.

When I took the photo my eye hurt too much to open so throughout dinner and my train ride home my eyes were either in a squint or I just kept my injured right eye shut. Some of the dancers who didn't know I kneed my own eye thought I was sleepy cuz when I close one eye the other becomes small too (refer to photo above).

Got teased by the dinner gang. Boooooooo.......

And 2 days later it still hurts to look left/right/up/down. I can only look straight or it'll hurt my eye :(

Went to see a doctor yesterday and got 4 different meds for my eye and an x-ray done.

Popped by to school after to meet the dancers and we went out for ramen! Yum!

Finally brought them out to the ramen outlet at Cuppage Plaza which I always go to with Quin, Elie and Cheryl, but this time the ramen wasn't as good! What a shame.

Been really broke the past few days. I have absolutely no idea where my money goes to. Mostly good food, I guess?

Project date @ SP's Starbucks with my groupmates. 

Yummy in my tummy above: Dark Mocha (the only thing I ALWAYS drink at Starbucks thanks to my obsession with chocolate) and their new Blueberry Crumble Cheesecake!

I still want this San Fran Giants snapback. 

Been thinking about it for almost 2 weeks or so but the colour would be too hard to match with any of my dance outfits. What a pity.

Gonna meet this silly girl for dinz later at AMK Hub. Can't wait cuz I miss her and the brownies she baked for my birthday like craaaay.


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