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Sunday, July 15, 2012


I need a haircut badddd. This is me and my bedhead at 6pm on a Sunday night because I'm too lazy to shower (also cuz I need to finish my work but haven't done so since I got up hur hur.)

I mean seriously, look at how long my fringe is. I can't stand it really, but I haven't found the time to get a proper trim and I'm deciding whether to leave my fringe long, or I'd trim it myself.

Y'know, I've decided that I need to lose some weight.

The 10kg I gained ever since I came into poly shall be gone! FATZ B GON.

So far I've lost about 1kg! My weight fluctuates like cray, so much so that it annoys me a lot. Prolly due to the fact that I drink a lot of water, like 3/4 of a bottle at a go. For my body type, it's apparently really hard to lose weight. Heavy bones + muscular..

So many skinny girls in Singapore to be compared to, how to not want to be thinner?

Can't stand how fat I am and watching videos of myself dancing makes me cringe. Ugh. That's how much I hate my own body now.

And if you hate it it's time to do something about it ;)

Thankfully my appetite nowadays is really much smaller! Plus the fact I'm dancing a lot now due to being a choreographer for the SDZ juniors' showcase... heh heh maximum benefit.

Don't worry, I don't intend to starve myself or cry whenever I gain 0.5kg like in the past. Nor do I want to be stick thin. I aim to be slimmer to be healthier, and thanks to the influence of Shirei I'm finding myself more conscious about my food choices because you never know what's in your food outside!

Always being chubby isn't what I want and I hate looking at myself in the mirror. I already can't stand looking at myself on videos and in photos. Explains why I seldom take photos nowadays and when people tag me in Facebook I'm just like 


I'm just 
  1. Cutting down on my food portions,
  2. Drinking more water before meals to fill myself before I even eat,
  3. Increasing my exercise time (would jog but my knee situation isn't doing me well - I'm not even supposed to dance now) and
  4. When I eat supper I don't finish all of it - supper is the worst meal to have!
But I can't help it, given the fact that I dance from like 5/6pm all the way till 10/11pm almost every other day.. it's hard for dancers to actually have their dinner at what others would define as dinner time.

So my mom nags at me for having supper all the time. Oh well :(

Determination = Results, right?

Old school Elmo face tee that I bought from Twing back when we were still in secondary school. Hehe ok bye!

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