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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


That's exactly how I would describe my day. Horrendous.

The fact I skipped school because I was so focused on doing my CA for Radio & TV Production that I forgot the time, coupled by the fact that my pre-vetting vetting at dance didn't go so well and had me in tears, coupled by the fact my video meant for an outside client for a performance that Azrul had to meet was a bit cray just minutes before he came down to SP to collect the CD.........

Horrendous. Totally, utterly, horrendous.

I'm exhausted, out of my mind and stressed out with project after project slowly piling on like clothes in the laundry basket... well apparently I'm munching biscuits in a desperate attempt to keep myself awake now while Skyping with Steffi so pardon the weird English.

It's like, while conversing with Steffi it suddenly occured to me that I use words a tad bit too bombastic for everyday life. A bit of a Brit, I guess?

Just earlier I was telling her, "(Can't remember what I said in this part of our conversation) bonkers!"

And a few days back I texted a friend saying "Eh, make sure you text me instead. Her phone's a bit wonky."

Bonkers. Wonky. Oh bloody hell.

Anywho, I just want my life to be somewhat peaceful again. I'm exhausted, and so is my body. Going to school at 8am everyday is a chore and just last week I hit a new record for going to school the whole week without skipping any 8am classes.

Boy was I drained by the end of the week.

I literally camp in school from 8am-10/11pm every day. Life as a dancer in SDZ does not get any better than this.. sarcasm fully intended.

Oh well, back to my Radio & TV Production CA. Presentation's tomorrow and I'm only slightly more than 70% done. Ciao!

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