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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Keep Going

Some of the crazy things we do after we're done with Waves16 item training!

I feel blessed to have such dance-mates.. they kinda make me feel motivated to do better and to push myself for Waves. Right now it's mind over body and full speed ahead as we're less than a month away from Waves16! SDZ's definitely feeling it!

PLEASE COME AND SUPPORT SP'S SDZ (Strictly Dance Zone) FOR OUR WAVES PRODUCTION! It's the 16th one this year and it's one you'll definitely not regret coming for. This year it'll be held on the 3rd and 4th of February, 7.30pm at SP's Convention Centre. Doors open at 7pm - free seating!

Tickets are going at $15 each! If you're reading this and coming down for SP's Open House tomorrow (Saturday), do pop by our SDZ booth if you'd like to see some crazy and fun cyphers and also to purchase a Waves16 ticket if you're interested in watching us!

We've made a bit of sales today so yup! Hope y'all support us, especially those in the dance scene :) It means a lot when all the different clubs support each other's productions!

To all my friends who've bought tickets so far (I have about 20+ friends coming down, be it from my primary/secondary school and my old dance mates): Thank you guys so much. I know I've said this tons of times and in my texts I've mentioned it at least once too, but it really means a lot that y'all actually make the effort to come and support me.

Dance is so important to me. It's the only thing that keeps me sane; the only thing that I've ever worked so hard for.

I'm known to be the type that quits things halfway but for dance.. I've never felt such a strong urge to excel in something so much. I'm proud of myself because usually when I encounter problems in my other passions I just give up but for dance I press on and I overcome this problem to come out a better dancer. Like now, for example. My knees hurt and I've never pushed them this hard before cuz in the past for any sport once I feel my old injury acting up I immediately stop but during dance training I tell myself, "No pain, no gain." and push my knees EVEN FURTHER.

I have absolutely no idea why the passion's so strong.. it just is.

Like what Carel said in my interview with her for my video production CA2:

"I just love it, I enjoy it. Even though I'm sick or tired, when it comes to dance.. there's nothing that stops me. Passion is passion."

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