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Sunday, January 08, 2012

From ze iPhone

A quick update! A few snaps taken recently from my iPhone.

Gotta be up at 11am for AnAn's item training at Scape later. It starts at 3pm but we decided to be hardworking (well okay I think some of us need to relearn the steps - there was so much crammed into our heads that day! 3 different songs, 3 different choreos, all in one day!) and thought we should meet at 1pm instead to practice together.

In an attempt to get some sleep, I decided to turn on 500 Days of Summer.

No, what d'you mean it contracts each other! I tend to fall asleep while watching movies/shows on my MacBook.. it's like a graphical lullaby?

Albeit I didn't fall asleep. But still.

How's your weekend going?

p.s. I've found two designer bags that I absolutely ADORE:

#1 - Any Pendleton bag
#2 - The Proenza Schouler PS1

D-d-dreeeeamin' of them tonight!

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