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Thursday, March 10, 2011

It all started with "You Will Always be my Boo"

I wanna blog about Inez's birthday but at 4am I'm too lazy to upload all the photos so I'm just gonna blog about it later in the day when I'm chillin'.

Had a blazin' 39.5 degrees fever yesterday. Goodness, I've not gotten myself this sick for a long time and it sure felt horrible. I never wanna fall sick again really. I could only stay in bed the whole day and wake up in cold sweat thinking my temperature has gone down, only to take it again to realise that it went up instead.

Thanks to that I had to miss a wonderful night with Ker, Bev and Alex! :(:(:(

Anyways okay girlies correct me if I'm wrong with the title! For Suina and Channie though it started with boom-a-nigga. I'm not trying to be racist but those were what the lyrics sounded like in the song "Soul by the Pound" that Xuehui used for Hip Hop III and the whole HH3 class called it that.

Chan dedicated a blog post to us and I teared after reading it cuz it was so touching! So I decided to dedicate a post to them too. ;)

Joining O School for Hip Hop courses has been the best decision made in my life so far. Can't thank God enough for having met Inez, Chan, Kailing, Suina and Jolyn. Even though we've only known each other for a short period of time, spending almost everyday together -- not to mention hours every time we do -- has brought us like 10000000 times closer. These girls are amazing, really. And having them in my life.. made everything better. I love how Kailing's terribly protective of us, and everytime someone/something upsets either one of us she'll go full out to make sure that person/people/thing doesn't have a pleasant day.. or week. Heehee love her so much for that. Would defo do the same for her if someone dares make my dearest KL upset!! Am terribly blessed to have these girls by my side.

It's wonderful having people around you who share the same level of passion as you do for a certain hobby. This includes Tiffy and gang too. I really admire how they all got so close due to sharing a passion for dance because most of them met at work! Dance does wonders really.

Saw this on Chan's post:

"Like what Kl said, 'Although we are not the best, we do not have the cleanest moves, we are having fun. Thats the most important.' Never imagined how much joy dancing can bring, esp when you guys are ard."

Can't agree enough.

Thanks for being the sunshine in my life, and my motivation in dance. Thanks for being my family away from family, just like how *SCAPE has become my home away from home ;)

(This doesn't mean I've forgotten all my other friends and my colleagues. Love y'all too!)

Sigh I wish I could meet all of my friends for dinner like everyday. AGEK, Reunion Gang, sailors, 1Endeavourians, BFFs.... Sucks to be me.. busy busy bee. Which reminds me, lunch tomorrow at Seoul Garden with Bev and Alex! Can't wait cuz I miss these girls so much. I fell sick at the wrong time seriously.

If only Ker could join us tomorrow :( Nevermind I swear to make more time to meet her when she's back from her trip! AND CIA AND BEANIE TOO I MISS MY EILEENY BEANIE SO MUCH.

p.s. Elie's sleeping soundly at my place now and she keeps covering her face with the pillow HAHAH. See la Shirei why didn't you stay over too?? :(

p.p.s. The moment I updated my blog I went to Twitter and saw that Kailing just updated hers too and she also blogged about us due to Chan's post! TELEPATHY OR WHAT.

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