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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

D-d-don't Pretend

I don't know why I'm awake at 6.40am. I think How I Met Your Mother, Cougar Town and shoe-surfing on Ebay kept me up. OH GUESS WHAT SCRUBS IS SHOWING NOW OH DEAR STAR WORLD (and cable TV in general), WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT YOU??

Oh, if you're wondering what the above photos are for, it's just to compare them with my current below-shoulder-length hair. I really miss my dark, neater and way longer hair. My biggest regret thus far has to be highlighting my hair. As much as I like my highlights better now that they've toned down, I still hate how it spoiled my hair and how my hair doesn't have the natural wave. Damagedddd

I think I need a haircut soon but I'm wondering if I should just leave my hair to grow? It's so badly damaged though!


And oh, I desperately need a new pair of kickz. Am thinking Nike/Supra/Adidas/Puma but I saw a pair of Nike Air Yeezy with pink and orange sock liners.. would've immediately asked Cheryl to bid on it for me on Ebay if it wasn't like 400USD which is CRAZY. But I really can't resist! I can't stop staring at it.


I'm actually considering spending half of what's in my bank now on this!

Will be spending the whole of tomorrow at *SCAPE with the dancers drilling for the competition. And oh spending 90bucks on my new Double D dance jeans at FEP too. I wouldn't mind cheap baggy Giordano (God I typed "Giordance" -- tells you how sane/awake my brain is) jeans though but the group's getting Double D. Been wanting a pair since Nez got hers though so oh well.

I'm not making any sense, am I???

No but seriously. I wanna win this, so let's do this. Fuyoh!

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