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Monday, March 14, 2011

Alicia's 18th

Met the girls to celebrate Cia's 18th birthday at Vivo!

It's been forever since I last saw them, and meeting AGEK again definitely felt good! As usual, spending time on Vivo's rooftop meant more chill-and-chat sessions, and this time they defo made me miss secondary school and the drama that came packaged with it.

I always took my time in secondary school for granted. I thought it was the best yet worst time of my life. I felt that studying was a hassle and that the work given was a form of torture.

I never thought that after graduating I'd think otherwise.

You haven't seen torture 'till you've seen the work from JC. You've never felt horrible until you've tried studying on your own, you'll never understand how studying's actually a luxury until you've started working.

I even took the bus fare for granted! I swear, the adult fare kills your wallet, bleeding it dry of cash. Then again, I never understood why poly students have to pay the adult fare (concession, I know. But still..) while JC students could take full advantage of the system by paying less than 60 cents for travel.

Oh well.

I would very much like to return back to being a secondary 1 kid again -- no worries, no burden.. nothing. Okay fine I know I was the class chairperson but still my burden wasn't considered a burden at all! I love 1Endeavour'06 like that.

Speaking of which, 1E'06 class chalet at Aloha Loyang at the end of the year, anyone?

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