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Thursday, February 16, 2012

End of Year One

I'm finally free of school!

Submitted our last project of the school year with the rest of the class on Tuesday and had a major food feast thanks to Sam Nai (our video production module tutor) who bought us tons of food from the 1st Muslim stall in FC6, and Jessica, who bought us all cupcakes and this yummy soft chocolate cake.

Sadly, I can bake better chocolate cake.......


But brownies, yes. My brownies are definitely better.

The next year - or a few months later, actually - marks the beginning of my stressful Media & Comm life, Ver. Year 2.0. Jeff Lightfoot's gonna be my junior in DMC! Can't wait to actually see what he's like in person.

(Let's just hope I pass my papers on the 22nd and 28th so that I can promote)

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