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Thursday, February 23, 2012

After-paper IKEA Routine

Shermin and Alvin using my iPhone to Instagram.......

Our usual after-(very stressful/hard)paper IKEA routine. This time the paper being Econs, which I'm very glad is over but I have this gut feeling I'll fail it pretty badly because I went for the paper without any sleep. My mind went blank the moment I started writing, which is not fair because when studying with Geisel and Shermin before the paper I was regurgitating out everything like I had a memory card in my head with all the Econs-related stuff stored in.

Had a smaller spread this time since we normally shared our meals.

I had my favourite salmon! Thought it came in a set but NO. You can actually order it without their whole 'Surf-and-Turf' set meal which comes with this drink? And chicken, if I'm not wrong. Totally didn't need the drink since I love water and I just wanted to eat fish.

Got my Charles & Keith clutch at 10% off while walking around Anchorpoint mall! If you've seen my post a few weeks back there's this Instagram photo of 3 clutches, and I got myself the brown one as a gift from my mom.

Thank you momma!

By that time by lips were chipped - not to mention really dry - and hurt so bad that I bought myself a Mentholatum lip balm at Watsons. Was thinking about getting my Ecotools retractable kabuki brush but I didn't know it retailed at $29.90 at Watsons, is that the usual price?

Now I can't decide between the Ecotools brush or the one from the Body Shop which Becca got for about 5bucks cheaper. I'm not sure which one would be better.

We were all so tired that every time I closed my eyes I felt like I could fall asleep, which I almost did after lunch.

Thank God for cabs!

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