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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So the other day, Jevin, Azrul, Yixiang and I went down to Toa Payoh to support some of our seniors who took part in MITC2 (Money In The Cap 2).

$15 well spent (for the ticket)!

Definitely an amazing experience as the competition was judged by Henry Link! Watching videos of him dancing on YouTube already made me brain-banged, but watching him LIVE and taking in his advice as he stood there talking to all the participants and audience of MITC2.. It. Was. Amazing.

I have no words to describe how I felt that day.

Well maybe except 'high', 'crazy' and 'awed'.

For any aggro-skaters out there who are wondering - MITC is a brand and the competition's organised by them, unlike the aggro-skate mini competitions like 'money in the hat' which is where y'all literally each put out a sum of money aside, skate your hearts out and winner takes all.

We were extremely early when we met (I was the earliest, and even though the rest were all late, latest being Azrul with a record of being an hour late. So late that Jev and YX already finished eating when he came!), so Az went to buy his food and we settled down at this fitness corner opposite the place where the competition was held.

Looks wrong on so many levels

Brought my pack of Cluedo Suspect along and taught Azrul and Yixiang how to play (since Jevin already learnt how to when he came over to my place with the other dancers to chill).

Love this game! Even better than Monopoly Deal I swear.

Y'all should all get a deck! Endless fun guaranteed!

Didn't change my camera settings so everything's blur.
But yeah those are my seniors taking part! We were waiting for the event to start.

Az, Jev and I got MITC shirts from the first MITC! Old design but still nice. We all bought L, me and Az got grey while Jev got green. Size fits them great, but me? Not so much.

I wore it to training today though and LOVED IT. Felt like some old school hip hop dancer! Super old school to wear a shirt that's halfway down your thighs to dance, I swear.

Lookie lookie guess who?

Hint: His name is spelt H-E-N-R-Y and his surname's 'Link'.

This was around 8pm+ during the 7 to smoke segment!

Super dope - and super long - 7 to smoke. We had Zaihar, Xuehui, Semmy Blank (JD'11 winner), Darren Toh, Rahim, Alif, Luqman (MITC 1 winner), Psyk.... - I'm missing names here guys - battling each other.

Can believe we sat throughout the whole event which lasted from around 3pm to 10pm!

Dopest evening of my life. Can't believe I got to be there.. my first official battle event (that I attended as audience. SDZ Jam doesn't count)! And it was MIND-BLOWING. Everyone there made me want to improve myself even more, and I definitely do feel the inspiration to do so.

Did I mention my senior Eda got to Top 4? She was reppin' SDZ HARD! I only uploaded the videos of her on Facebook though.

It's alright you'll see the videos of her battles on YouTube soon enough. Just check the MITC YouTube Channel for it!

p.s. Khaki Slim Fit Chinos.. to get or not to get?


profile said...

you spend 7hours watching the event. were you not board at the whole time?

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Geebee said...


Haha no not really actually. It was dry from time to time but overall the event was really good, what with dope battles and all.