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Monday, October 03, 2011

Cause Lovers dance when they're Feeling in Love

Thanks to Sheri, this song has been on repeat on my iTunes for the past few days. Something about this song makes me think.. a lot.

Temporarily deactivated my Facebook account yesterday. Personal reasons, and as much as I would like to disconnect myself from my social world for a while, I can't do so. Not now. Even deactivating my Facebook account now would cause me problems and inconvenience cuz A LOT of things related to my everyday life (meaning dance) are on there.

Stuff like my Waves items Facebook Groups. Gotta get updates from others in the same items as me I guess.

I wanted to take a break from dance, a week actually. Then found out it was impossible to due to responsibility issues. Unkle once mentioned that we have to think of the other dancers in the item, and skipping Waves trainings wouldn't benefit me in any way. So... according to Pika, "Looks like someone's break is gone." or something along the line.

The past few days were lovely though.

Caught up with two friends I really missed a lot over a well-deserved sleepover before rushing down to training the next day. Hi Rei and Elie, if you ever read this (and I KNOW Elie does).

The items that I'm in for Waves 16 seem to be getting clearer and clearer with each training. I'm in Khai + Val and Unkle + Zul's items which initially made me feel a bit stressed cuz they're all alumni. But their trainings so far have been very rewarding and I feel da hype for Waves 16 now! Can't wait to learn more and to improve.. vetting's soon! 65% for hip hop items and 70% for modern items was it?

Oh well time to head to bed. Got a lot on my mind still and I'm not sure how much quality sleep I'll get/have been getting.

Things are changing and as much as I want things to go back to the way they were before, I doubt things will be the same. I see you almost everyday and I can say I roughly understand you well enough. Something's amiss.


p.s. My inspiration! Everyone, meet Overflow from Japan! One of the dopest crews out there. TOTAL SWAGFEST.

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