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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Chill Evenings

The past few evenings have been pretty relaxing, what with me laying in bed for hours on end without getting up unless for water or food.. all until 4-5 in the morning.

Today I'm just lying here catching up on Karen Cheng's blog while listening to my iTunes playlist titled 'Chill Pill' (ironically so), and texting Geisel about dance and school stuff because I'm wondering whether to pop by SP tomorrow to pass Sherilynn my running shoes.

Definitely not dancing tomorrow though, as I'm still pretty worn out by today which was a dance-after-dance day for me. Oh and did I mention? I finally went for Allegra's open class again after roughly a month of not being able to do so due to my SDZ commitment - I have Waves trainings on Tuesdays that start at 8pm. Hurrah!! Felt so blissful as I entered the studio and started stretching. I even told Jevin, Rina and Chan (in a rather dramatic way) that I "was home".

After an hour of sweating it out and regaining my whole muscle memory thing (I haven't pushed/forced myself to learn steps ever since I stopped taking open classes because in SDZ I'm pretty much pampered with the option of opening my mouth and asking the person who's teaching the choreography to go through it again), we went back up to join Nez and Muto for our sesh. This was followed by a mini waacking crash-course by Shina, who came up after her waacking class, and it was super fun.

I might even consider taking up waacking!

And oh, Bryan of O School's taking over Daniel after next Monday! He actually took Allegra's open class with us today and he was pretty funny, made me look forward to next week! For the next 3 weeks it'll be one waacking class, followed by one street jazz class - which Jevin and I are madly excited for - and lastly one class combining the two! All that and AnAn would prolly be back from her tour with WCO.

Life without my Facebook account has been surprisingly alright. My online life I mean. I just miss playing Tetris Battle in the wee hours of the morning because my nights are just boring like that.

Now I'm just contemplating whether I should get my ass off my bed to get something to much on even though it's almost 4am and a very bad time to eat anything.

I. Am. Starving....

..but also very lazy.

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