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Friday, July 11, 2014

S**t Kingz vs. GOT7

I just find it amazing how they didn't credit THE kings for the choreo. And how they conveniently ripped the song from the video itself (you can hear the cheering and all from the UDC people). I'm sorry but a few extra flips won't do anything much when you ripped off someone's choreo.

On a side note, can we talk about the perfection that is Shoji??? (From S**t Kingz, duh. He's the one with the grey snapback, black shirt and sweats.)

The way he smiles when he dances.. just makes me meeeelt so bad hehe and to be honest everyone in S**t Kingz is dope, but everytime I watch this Caught Up choreo (more than once a day), my eyes immediately go to Shoji.

I've kept this postcard for the CODE:EDGE 3 finals in 2009, all cuz there's a photo of S**t Kingz on it (they came down to perform with Parris Goebel and Aus Ninja).

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