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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Decisions, Decisions.

A tribute to my long hair. Sigh, I miss you already hairie!

So it's been a while, and yet I still can't figure what instrument I would like to pick up.

I'm keen on drums, but not having a set at home would seriously limit my practice time. Worse still if I would like to take exams on it.

It's weird to mention this now, but I still have that pair of drumsticks in my drawer (gift from D that I kept (rotting) there since sec 4). Ah, I'm surprised I didn't throw it away following the breakup then. But yeah, it'll prolly come in handy now hahaha.

I would pick up piano from where I left off in sec 2, but then I remember why I dropped it in the first place – I was too committed to Student Leaders and sailing, and didn't have the time nor the energy to practice every. Single. Day.

So I'm left with guitar, which I would love to learn again (and my mom is more keen on that) but everyone in my family who knows how to play the guitar picked it up on their own. I really don't see why I have to take lessons like I did in sec 2 for an instrument everyone can learn on their own.

And oh to digress, I checked out the lineup for #AFAID2014 and got so excited when I saw that T.M.Revolution would be there!

Since then I've been listening to his songs on repeat. Can't wait to see him in AFA Singapore 2014 (if he does come, which I'm praying praying PRAYING for). Though AFA Singapore 2014's in December, major bummer because I'll have to wait 5 months.

My 43 year-old Ojisan Revolution (in hot pants) *heart-shaped eyes*

Seeing T.M.Revolution LIVE last year really made my year, and I would die to see him again!

No but seriously, I get extremely excited when I think about seeing him again. My heart pounds so fast and so hard that I'm just like, I NEED TO WATCH AN MV NOW.

Then I watch and drool.

Okay, T.M.Revolution aside.

To digress again,  I keep freestyling recently, only to realise that I lost my vocab for hip hop. Especially my groove, which seems very forced now. My years of training my basics gone down the drain, just like that.

Now that my knees feel slightly better, I decided to slowly get back in the groove of things (hah! Ge the pun? Groove? Groove of things?? lol ok can) and push myself hard and improve fast to feel confident enough to audition for O School Recital 2014!

It has always been my ultimate dream since I first started taking dance seriously to be a part of O School Recital. I missed so many opportunities to audition, and I will always remember how sour I would feel about missing the auditions. Then again, I also remember how happy I felt for Daryl and Guohui when they both got in almost 4 years back for the popping item! Ah, time flies.

So yes,
1) Improve/work on basics again
2) Work on groove
3) Train for stronger core..... (indirectly train for abs hehe.) Core MUST gao gao!

Then hopefully when the 20th of July approaches, I can full out at auditions without my self-confidence knocking me down before I even start.

Looking at the two upcoming dance battles on Facebook, I'm wondering if I should even sign up. Sigh it's been a while since I felt so low in terms of confidence level for dance. Gone were the days I would just sign up because I knew I could do it.

Well, I can't wait for Fredy's class tomorrow night cuz it's been almost a month and a half since I attended open class due to training with SDB for our J8 competition!

Someone once told me this, "It's even harder for you dancers cuz y'all train for like what, months? For only 4 minutes or so on stage!"

That's true but when it comes to something you love and am so passionate about, it's all worth it :)

Oh, look out for my next post because I would prolly be doing another Gwen Bakes post! It's been too long!

Goodbye and goodnight... for now!

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