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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


My younger brother got his "O" Level results back today.

Frankly speaking, when I texted him earlier in the day while I was at work, asking him how it went and how his results were, I wasn't the least bit surprised at his reply.

Infact I just encouraged him to do what he felt was right (after a hour-long talk with him when I got home), and to keep in mind that no route is deemed the "wrong route".

Like brother like sister, huh?

I remember how it was when I got my "O's" results back.

It was horrible, I came out crying after realising that all the abbreviations on the slip of paper from MOE were course codes for ITE.

I felt like a failure due to the fact that majority of my cousins were really smart, hardworking and that they went to elite schools. I kept telling myself how full of fail I was, and that my parents must be ashamed of me and my "achievements".

My mom was strongly against the idea of me going down what she considered The ITE Route, and although I am thankful for the fact I decided to retake my "O's" instead of going to higher nitec, I never felt that (anyone) going to ITE was a bad route to begin with.

Your results don't define you, your actions do.

What if you were really smart, but yet snobbish, rude and downright mean at the same time? What if you're smart, and yet you abuse the people and/or animals around you?

So yes, don't discourage someone or put him/her down just because their GPA or examination scores are bad. I suppose what matters more is the kind of person he/she is. Does he/she treat his/her family well? Are they appreciative, grateful and loving? Are they kind to animals?

Ah, I don't know. It's 12:06AM and my brain is pretty much shutting off.

So today I finally applied to volunteer at Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD).

Coincidentally, Sha posted up a picture of the dogs there and after chatting with him for a bit I found out he's been a volunteer for almost 3 months!

If my application gets through and slots for kennel volunteers open up, I'll receive training and will be spending (hopefully) my Sundays and maybe a weekday or two at Pasir Ris Farmway (sigh why so far) volunteering with Sha since he only goes down on Sundays and told me I should go down on Sundays with him.

As much as I would like to be on the rescue team, I don't have a car or a motorbike, so responding to calls would be hard as I would probably have to bus/train/cab there. Sigh I really wanna help on the rescue team though! :(

In the meantime, I'll have to think of what part-time job I would wanna do while waiting for my graduation ceremony in May, and before uni starts in August.

Speaking of which, today I finally found time to turn my Mac on, finally found the time and the energy (it's mostly energy) to make myself a good bowl of plain yoghurt with fruits, granola and chocolate for dinner, and then set it beside my Mac.

Finally found the willpower in me to try to work on my university admissions portfolio for NTU ADM..

..then I sat infront of my Mac for almost 30mins, munching on my dinner while staring at the screen.

It's like, BRAIN Y U NO WORK?!

Wanted to work on my drawings but once again me being me, I couldn't pick what to draw. Sigh.. it looks like tonight's wasted.

Seriously need to get started though, but my creative juices ain't flowin' dawgggg!

Just glad that I have a few projects on hand thanks to Joey! She hooked me up with her cousin who does set-ups at weddings and parties, and now I have a promo video to film/make and a menu to design!

If anyone out there needs a video done (minimal visual effects) or some designs done up, feel free to contact me! (Shameless advertising here, I'm sorry.)

I may be doing it for free, but I'll consider it as something that can go into my portfolio. Pretty excited to finish doing up my portfolio and the ideas come rushing to my head all through the morning. Sadly they disappear the moment I sit down and decide: "Today's the night we start this thing, let's go!"

It's not happening, not tonight.

Off to bed!

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