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Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Animal Resort and The Goose Whisperer

A few days back, ze boyfriend told me he was planning a surprise for me this weekend and absolutely refused to tell me where we were going or what our day would be like.

I'm a sucker for surprises, and yet I love spoilers? I don't know how that works really.

After one long bus ride (I love taking the bus with him hehe) and a long walk under the hot sun later, we found ourselves at The Animal Resort.

I love animals (except those with beaks, I just confirmed that I really am afraid of them today) and when I saw where he was taking me I couldn't be happier! It's something out of the norm for us cuz we normally stay in or go to malls nearest to our area. The moment I saw all the dogs at the entrance I wanted to die in a pool of joy!!!

(Wait, that doesn't make sense. Pardon me.. it's almost 12am.)

Before we bought food for the animals, we took a walk around to see what animals were out there.

An albino peacock! First time seeing one.

There were a couple more peacocks there!

There were a lot of rabbits there too. This one particular cage had 4 kits!

They were so cute!

Bought carrots for the bunnies and the only horse we saw on the resort:

The horse reminded me of the practicum days as one of our episodes was filmed at Gallop Stable.

Being the only horse there I would assume that it's quite lonely. Wish it had another horse to accompany it or something.

As much as I love horses, I'm scared to feed them. It's like the only animals I could gladly go up to feed were the bunnies because they're absolutely harmless! Confirm plus chop.

Everytime I placed the carrots near the horse I had this feeling it'll bite my hand or something. Russ ended up holding my hand out as I attempted to feed it as I kept laughing. The horse was hilarious!

They even had a cassowary there!

Like, how does one keep a cassowary?

The first and last time I heard of a cassowary was when I watched a YouTube video on how it attacks people with its claws, killing them in the process. Then I watched another video on how someone tried to interact with a few cassowaries and they were so aggressive to the point the person had to fend them off with shields and a rake or something.

Russ bought bread to feed the birds with, and he actually fed the cassowary.

He didn't feed it directly of course, but still!

Meet my boyfriend, The Goose Whisperer!

I don't know what's cuter: him feeding the geese, or them (plus the pigeons) following him wherever he went?

He was the Goose Whisperer for a day, leading a goose parade.

"Learn to speak goose for a dollar!"

It's actually heartwarming watching him enjoying and having fun as he feeds the ducks and geese (which I didn't dare feed).

There's just something about watching your boyfriend as he interacts with animals.

"You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him."

It rained after that, which wasn't a bad thing cuz we were done in about 1.5 hours or so?

I love dates like these because I see and learn so much more about him just when I thought I knew everything. I'm so thankful for the fact he was the one who planned this! Really enjoyed my day out with him hehe.

Wouldn't trade our dates for anything. :)

I'm not too sure if you read my blog anymore, but thank you for everything! Here's to many more awesome dates love!

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