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Sunday, February 02, 2014


I Googled this and found this link: http://www.goodtherapy.org/therapy-for-emotional-overwhelm.html


I've been feeling sad for the longest time and for some reason, nothing seems to make me feel better.

I know I'm strong enough. I've been working on handling my emotions better, and yes for months I did feel that I got better. I got mad less easily, I didn't jump on to rant at someone for no apparent reason and I found myself crying a lot less.

But for some reason I'm just.. terribly exhausted this time.

It's as if my body's telling me, "You weren't made to chuck your emotions aside, so now you're just gonna have to deal with being sad and emotional 24/7 until the sadness has left you."

My head hurts, my chest feels tight and it's just.. a horrible feeling.

I can't handle my emotions and they are terribly overwhelming.

I'm sorry to the people who've had to help me just because I'm not strong enough to do so myself, especially Min bb and mah bruddah Sebastien. I appreciate a crazy bro of mine who calls me and tells me he'll drive down from Tampines for me when it's freaking 1 in the morning.

And I'm sorry to the people like my family and my lovely boyfriend for having to tolerate me being needy and mean. I know I'm not the best me on days like these, but please, give me more time and your understanding.

I wish internship would end now so that I could take some time off, perhaps go out and have a few drinks with friends or to be alone at home exercising and spending quality alone time with, well, myself. Or to find some cheap staycation on Groupon where I can just run off to be alone.

I promise I'll fix myself soon enough, just give me some time to be my happy self again.

p.s. Did more research and more Googling and found a video. So for anyone who reads this and feels they might be in the same situation:

And another link: http://www.sharecare.com/health/human-emotions/how-stop-overwhelmed-intense-emotion

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