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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Recently I saw someone wear the infinity ring in school, and for some reason it suddenly popped back on my mind just as I fell asleep.

So.. I have a 10-5 shift at work tomorrow and I decided that I HAD to Google it.

Pretty stupid decision..

..as I am going out of my mind at the moment!

They are SOOOO pretty.

If you can't already tell from *ahem* parts of my blog here and there *titleAHEMtitleCOUGH*, I kinda have this thing for the infinity symbol, or the – cue the atas-ness – lemniscate. (Thank you to my boyfriend for always educating me on random stuff. He is awesome like that.)

The #1 reason I thought of to justify why I have a thing for the infinity symbol:

It resembles the number 8, my absolute favourite number in the whole wide world, hands down.

Or up.

Even one of my favourite Ellie Goulding songs has the number 8 in the title.

But yes, I think I need to stop scrolling down the Google Image search result because it's driving me absolutely bonkers.

(See, I remember how in a blog post a while back, I talked about how I used words that no one else in Singapore would even come close to using.. like 'bonkers'.)

So it's the beginning of my holidays, and well it may only be day 3 since the end of my Final Year Project/Presentation (or FYP for short, as we call it), but I've been bored out of my wits.

I think I'm just too used to spending all my time awake feeling stressed out and rushing work. To suddenly be this free is just.. mental. There's too much time.

I suppose with all the free time I can finally get on with my ambitious bucket list titled 'Bucket List: Baking Edition'.

This time has been on my mind since forever (nah, just since I got busy – I exaggerate) and whoa now I can finally take time off to bake my macarons (NOTE: NOT macaroons), cakes and even venture into the cooking world or the simplest parts of the region.

Cooking's still pretty much what I consider foreign territory, especially to a MasterNoob like yours truly. But who's to say I won't be able to pick it up during the two-month break?

Or one and a half, actually, since I'll be spending half of September conquering Nepal.

But yes, the two favourite men in my life – it'll be three if I include Dad! Don't worry daddumz – can be my tasters for now. Cue evil laughter in background...... for I don't have to finish everything I bake by myself (as I always do).

Oh well, I shall dream of the (possible) culinary adventures that I could have within the next month and a half, supposing if I don't decide to go all out and spend everyday at my part-time job.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Just found your blog while blog hopping.. Hehe I love your profile picture on the left! And this ring is so pretty. <3

Tabitha Chew

Geebee said...

Hi Tabitha! Aw, that's so sweet of you! Thanks :) went to check your blog out and I love the photos you post there!

Yeah I know right? The ring is SOOOOOOOOO pretty hehe I totally die everytime I look at pictures of it!