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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Random Quiz Feels

Hi, it's 3:47AM and I have to get up for work in 5 hours time cuz I'm meeting Mel to go look at shoes before we start our shift at 12PM.

So here I am, listening to some songs while doing my FYP reflections due Friday (noooo, Ms Laura's gonna collect our Agency access cards too sigh. 10018, I'll miss you) and I noticed that people were doing this '20 facts' thing on Instagram.

I searched for "quiz" on my blog's posts search bar and decided to do a random quiz to compare my then and now since well, I am bored.

Got this quiz from this post dated back to November 10, 2006.

It's been 7 years.. I wonder how much my answers would differ.

Okay here goes!

full name: Gwendolyn Neo Yuan Qi
nicknames: Gwen, Gee, Geebee, Gwean, Gwendy, Gwennie, Gwendolean, Gwendonai, Mama, Mom, Gwen Stefani, Gwenno, Gwendo, Gwen Gwen, Ah Neo.. I have a whole list from my poly friends but I can't seem to recall them now.
gender: Female
age: 20
b-day: 8th April
star sign: Aries
place of birth: Thomson Medical Hospital, Singapore
height: 165CM (last measured)
eye color: Dark brown
hair color: Dark brown with awful dark roots
skin color: Tanned
any piercings: One on each ear
where: Refer to answer above
do you want more: Nope, I'm good.
do you wear glasses: Only when I need to
do you have braces: Was supposed to get them in sec 4, still am contemplating this.
what color are your nails: Haven't painted them in months. They b bare.

mom's name: June
dad's name: Hock Choon
any brothers or sisters: One younger brother
how old: 16
who do you live with: Family
are your parents married: Yup
do you have any pets: Fishes and hamsters all passed on
where do you live: Singapore

what school do you go to: Singapore Polytechnic
what grade: Year 3, graduating in a semester
favourite subject: English and Literature
favourite teacher: Ms Esther and Ms Pam Fang
worst subject: Math and Econs
is your school public or private: Public
would you ever go to a private school: No?
do you like football: Love watching and playing. Arsenal baby!
do you like baseball: Still no
do you like basketball: How did I say yes in the past, no I dislike it
do you like dance: Too much for my own good. Get Down! Vol. 6 is coming up in Sept, definitely competing again. Here's to hoping I can get past Top 16 this time :)
do you like badminton: Still do
do you like volleyball: Still do!
do you like golf: Still don't
do you have a boyfriend: Yeah, am happily attached :)
if so, name: Russell
how old is he: My age
are you single: This makes no sense since the answer's above
are you straight/gay/bi: Straight

what is your ideal hair color for a boyfriend/girlfriend: Black/brown
eye color: Black/brown
skin color: Tanned I suppose?
height: Taller than me! (It just occured to me that I've been subconciously describing my boyfriend over the past few questions HAHAHA)
personality: Plain awesome
style: Whatever goes
does size matter: Still kinda does
are you happy: Yeah but I have my moments
sad: Like I said, moments.
funny: Typical class clown. I lean more to the lame side of life now hurhur
boring: I noticed it's becoming more so as I age, oh dear.
popular: My boyfriend claims I am but nah
happy-go-lucky: Let bygones be bygones
serious: Only when need be
chilled: Super
stressed: Not at the moment but I stress pretty easily
smart: Dumb asian
dumb: Answer above
shy: Initially, but after I warm up to others I'm just.... plain crazy
outgoing: Super
loud: Sadly, yes sigh I need to tone down
quiet: More so. Comes packaged with aging I suppose
annoying: Sorry everyone
nice: Subjective, but I try to be to everyone
kind: Yeah
friendly: Suppose so
nasty: Subjective once again
evil: No
fashionable: After 2 years of dressing up and wearing makeup to school? I'm sorry but I'd like to spend most of my final year in my Vans, shorts and a basic/comfortable but stylish top.
pretty: No
ugly: Yes
have you ever smoked: Nope
have you ever done drugs?: Nope I may be a dumb Asian but drugs are still stupid
have you ever drank alcohol?: Too much too often heheh
have you ever had sex?: Nope
have you ever been abroad?: Yup and yearning a getaway right now.
do you have any scars?: Loaded with them. My body is a battlefield
have you ever killed someone?: Oh wow this question's terribly intellectual
have you ever kicked someone in the nuts: Think I accidentally kneed someone's nuts before
have you ever been arrested?: Nope
have you ever got in a fight?: Technically yes. Almost punched the person and vice versa but my teammates stopped us
have you ever stolen something?: Nope
have you ever given birth?: Nope
have you ever been fired?: Nope, too awesome an employee to be fired.
have you ever passed out?: Yeah and it felt horrible
have you ever peed in your pants?: As a kid
if so, why?: Kids can't control their urges to wee

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