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Monday, February 25, 2013


So here I am.

I can't believe that I've decided to stay awake the night before my Law exam to mug because I have 3 topics left to cover.

I have been sick the past couple of days and it really affected my ability to study. I couldn't focus, couldn't remember things, always felt sleepy cuz of my medication.. kept coughing till my head hurt and throat went raw. Took 2 days just to cover one chapter. Worst. Feeling. EVER.

Shinhwa's here to accompany me for the night..

Yeah don't bother asking. I am craaaazy over Shinhwa now and the last time I fangirled over any Kpop group was back in 2009?

But Shinhwa's legit. 30+ year olds who are pretty hot.. reminds me of my other 30+ year olds in Japan – Arashi. Meeheeheeeeeee.

There, it's the little things like these make me happy(er).

Had a good night drinking at Clarke Quay despite my cough.

Dad was all, "Eh you're coughing ah. No alcohol!"
Me: "Yes daddy.."

And I ended up drinking anyways thanks to people who don't care if they get a cough from me. Pfft horrible.

Was supposed to head to Zirca cuz it was the last night but in the end I heard the crowd was crazy and people who went in couldn't even get around the place properly. Plus a fight broke out involving ambulances and a police raid so yeah.. happy last night Zirca! *sarcasm intended*

Yeah.. guess I had a good night with the girlies and the guys.

Can't wait to be done with Media Law tomorrow and I can finally partaye.. by eating good food with my girlies tomorrow.

Even the Shinhwa song I'm listening to now (Run) goes "OH EH OH, LET'S PARTY!"

I refuse to tell myself that next year I prolly won't ever get to work with them for project work or even see them in class often due to our practicums.. we all put different choices and all I can say is that I'll really miss them. They make me look forward to school, put a smile on my face.. everything. I may have officially known them well since last year since we were all working in different groups in Year 1, but I've never felt more blessed in my life to have a group of 3 girls like them.

Thank you for coming into my life, my girls (well we have no boys in our group and is the only all-girl group in our class heh) of The Legency :')

One last note.

I'm really thankful things got cleared up, all my doubts and all – gone.

We had a good breakfast too and for once it felt a bit more like the old times.. times that I've really missed thanks to my stupidity and awfully bitter perspective to life.

It's been 2 years, but I still am trying to change.

Then again, it's better to try no matter what than to stop trying at all.

And I promise you and myself that I won't lose my passion for dance. I won't give it up for friends, for anything. It's what I love to do, I don't do it cuz I have to do it but cuz I love it.. it's a part of me. So yeah.

During my study break I was dancing and all, trying to recall Khai and Val's Waves 16 item (which till now is still my favourite item out of all the Waves items I've been in). And I watched dance videos again to realise that I still get excited over dance. Like that adrenaline rush.

I need to have a little more faith in myself.

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