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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Scumbags of Society

I really hate being in such a situation.

How do you help someone when he has suicidal thoughts and feels he's depressed? Just because he's being bullied in school by bastards who really do not deserve to have friends even.

People who outcast him because they feel he's different or not worthy of their time?

They then proceed to go about spreading rumours of him and as a result effectively getting everyone to outcast him in school and in his CCA? That's bloody f*cked up.

Such people are effed up and not needed in society. Honestly, how would they feel if someone did the exact same thing to them? Put your bloody selves in the shoes of others before you do the shit you do because seriously it would hurt if someone did the same thing to you, wouldn't it?

So why would you do it to others if it does not benefit them?

What's so good about ganging up on one defenseless person who has no one to fight for him? Does it make you feel better bitching about him behind his back? Or does it make you feel better that you're bullying him in the open and making him seem like an asshole when he really isn't?

I'm taking advantage of the fact that (I hope) people don't read my blog now so yeah. Just need a venting outlet because this matter is driving me crazy. I can't seem to stop crying when I think of the situation he's in because I've been through that and honestly no one deserves to be treated like that, especially during his "O" Level period.

It breaks my heart, really.

You're only 16, you can get through this. I'm sure you will. Chin up!

I need my parents around so much more. I cannot handle this on my own. They're telling me, "You've been through it. How you overcame it.. just share it with him?"

Bullshit. Different people handle different things differently.

Is a game really more important than spending time with your children who are both going through a really hard time? You're absent all the time.. expecting us to be independent and to fend for ourselves.

What if we don't want to grow up? What if home is the only place we come back to just so that we can escape the reality of life, because we feel protected in the one place we can be ourselves in? Yet you aren't there to be there for us..


Sigh.. okay enough of all the depressing things.

As mentioned in the previous post, everyone should go watch Shinhwa Broadcast - or Shinbang, after combining Shinhwa + bangsong (the Korean title of the variety show) together.

I started listening to their songs today on YouTube and was hooked. I haven't listened to K-Pop ever since my cray cray fangirling days of 2PM.. but that's all behind me now.

It's just Shinhwa. C'mon, they've been together for about 14 years or so? and are still going strong. They all served their equivalent of National Service (for us Singaporeans), got released and set up their own company called Shinhwa Company.

You gotta give them credits for that.

I went 'thrifting' with Steffi after our final presentation as a class, and we went to Cash Converters in search of a 'new' second-hand Wii game for me..

Only to get lost in the VCD/DVD section of the store, digging for lost treasures.

I found 《西街少年》– the whole boxset – going at $3, and we went crazy when we saw JunJin's face on a DVD cover for Let's Go to the Beach.

We never thought we'd find anything Shinhwa at such a store because all they sold were old but more popular shows there. And Shinhwa is pretty much unknown to the average Singaporean.

We thought wrong.

As we were glancing through more dramas, reminiscing about how we used to watch this show or that as a kid, we saw Eric's face at the side of a DVD boxset.


Okay enough about that.. just go listen to one of their older songs from their 9th album.

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