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Thursday, October 04, 2012

A little Irony

Funny how having too much time on your hands leaves you with nothing to do.

For the past 2 days I've been home sick so absolutely no dancing (surprise, surprise!) and all I've been doing was to lie in bed and read - before you judge me I must say it's a good book but the kinky sex parts do make me squirmish - 50 Shades of Grey.

Hey it's a good book and like I said the kinky parts make me feel really uncomfortable but I would love to read on and uncover Christian's past.

Recently - okay I'd be lying if I used the word 'recently' - I discovered I've been single for what, almost 2 years? Meh makes me depressed haha but oh well gives me a drama-free life in the relationship department so I guess all's good.

I just hate reading stories of romance and all, makes me feel really lonely and not to mention, envious.

Who has time to date when you date dance every other day? Hm?

If you don't follow me on Instagram (@gwendee), here's what I've been up to!

1) My GPA has jumped from a measly 2.7 to a 3.2!

To some with perfect GPAs and such it may not be a lot, but for me this was massive.

It jumped a holy 0.5, and I can't help but to show off and be happy about it because I know I worked my ass off this term juggling dance AND school, which meant I was in school for most of my waking hours. Literally 8am-11pm I was in school every bloody day.

Really thank God for such amazing groupmates. Arynah told me that she and Steffi agreed at the start of the school year to pull my grades up, and they did. Thank you both so, so much! Of course I love Sica bb just as much too! And Lyrenna!

2) Did you guess? I've officially taken up a job offer as a part-time amateur tailor.

Just kidding.

I hastily picked up sewing because we have to sew our own costumes for Waves 17 since it's more of a.. musical? rather than a full-out-dance concert.

My neighbour who used to own her own shop selling clothes she sewed told me that for someone who has never properly sewn an outfit before in my entire life, I actually have a talent and a gift for it because I managed to work out how to put together an outfit (I sewed a skirt, a hooded cape and am now working on a tulle skirt to wear as a petticoat) without help and she was impressed. My sewing skills though.. not much. It was embarrassing when I went down to ask for her help and there she was, picking at my thread because I sewed some parts wrongly.


And that massive contraption in the middle is my grandma's sewing machine which, unfortunately, failed on me when I needed it to work. Had my neighbour come up to help me thread it and all but it refused to sew me a decent line so I gave up.

Who needs an old Singer model when you have a crazy - and not to mention, intimidating - professional sewing machine at your neighbour's house? HM?????????????

Anyways, I just checked my page views to find that people are actually still checking up on my blog! Well done, I really have no idea what's interesting about my blog anymore so to the people who still linger around, thank you.

I promise RealityWorks will be a more lively space when I become an alumni or when I have lesser dance commitments...... whichever.

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