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Saturday, October 06, 2012


Sometimes I don't know whether my hair is actually growing out or not and I'm like:

Okay really unglam shot of me from my Mac at like 5 in the morning but I don't really care because all I'm thinking about is my hair and why it doesn't seem to be growing out.

(In my hair's defense it's actually below my shoulders when it's wet! It's /that/ long for now but when dry it curls up like crazy - you're not a squirrel's tail, hair! - and goes above my shoulders)

I think I'll never get my hair to go back to being like this:

I really have no idea what I was doing right to get my hair to be like that in the past.

Oh why oh why did I decide to highlight it (which led to) > hair spoiling > me chopping off the lower half of my hair > growing it out > only to chop it off to be this super short, almost pixie-cut hairstyle?

Not to mention how if I want to look like that again in terms of weight-wise I'll have to lose the 10kg I gained since coming into poly. It's like I had the "Freshman 15" (more on that HERE) happen to me - only difference being me entering a polytechnic and not college.

Well all in all it's the same because food's suddenly even more readily available to you, what when you have breaks every hour or so to grab something/a drink or to freshen up yourself.

Food sold at FC6 (FoodCourt 6, the nearest foodcourt to where I sit all day to study/listen to lectures/work on projects) isn't exactly what I'd label healthy. Hello? We have fried doughnuts, a stall that sells loads of fried finger food like sausages, cheese balls, samosa......

Woes of life, woes of life :(

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