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Sunday, October 21, 2012


So, my Media Psychology lecturer decided to show my blog (only because I volunteered my blog's URL) to the class and my stupid face with my finger gun showed up on the screen.

For that period of time he had my blog shown on the board through the projector, scrolling up and down the length of my blog, my head could only be kept down because I was too embarrassed. Meh.

So hi to my classmates who never knew I had a blog then but know now!

What I've been up to for the first week of school:

1) Sleeping in class when I sit right infront of the screen (can you see the black reflective surface to the left of my MacBook? That's the screen) during mass lectures.

2) Was greeted by this during our first mass lecture on Monday.

Thank you to the people at CASS Club for this lovely welcome back pack (hey that's a tongue twister right derrrr)!

I've got three packs for myself heheh but of course I didn't consume all the lollipops.

3) Finally decided to give in to my must-save-money-and-calories ways for once, and tried something new at Starbucks with Shiying and Razis after getting materials for our costumes.

Ever since I started drinking Starbucks I only drank Dark Mocha with low fat milk. Green tea latte is now on my to-order list :)

And yesterday..

Went over to Ben's place with Sheri, Johnny, Azrul and Jevin to play with Ben's PS3 and Wii. Apparently the guys relived the kid in them as they played with Ben's nephew's toys such as this one called Dragon Snooker? (Photo above)

Is there a cartoon on that or something?

Oh btw check out his cute baby rabbits:

Sheri and I - the only girls present - decided to stay in the kitchen to cook for the guys while they enjoyed themselves. Ben was the only other person who helped cook quite a bit.

I guess with that we can go overseas as a group because we wouldn't have to worry about whether any one of us could cook! We present to you our awesome dinner.....

... of scrambled eggs, fried eggs with onion, pan-fried hotdogs and hash browns, mashed potatoes with butter, salt and pepper, and steamed pre-made yam rice which was really yummy.

No veggies because Ben hates vegetables though I really wanted to cook the carrots and tomatoes I saw in the fridge :(

Aaaand this was today's lunch of roti prata (from NTUC - about 202 calories, pan-fried with no oil/butter) with lettuce and hotdog in the middle.

Alvin called it an Indian burrito.

Anyway, dad made it for me earlier this afternoon and slobbered it with mayonnaise. I didn't notice at first and asked if he did add mayo in it and he replied with "A bit only!"

Knowing him and how "healthy" he is, I decided to check the inside and realised he covered the whole thing with mayo! That really upset me because my mom would never put mayo (if she did it would really be a bit) in food that she prepares for me.

I really miss her, she's been in Hong Kong for the past 5 days or so and she'll be back this coming Tuesday! Can't wait to see her.

Till next time!

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