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Friday, August 17, 2012


Day 1 of the plan starts tomorrow.

A bit bummed out because some of the exercises listed needs equipment like weights and all and I only have one type of them. Plus there's the problem with my knee, so I'm gonna have to find alternatives to the exercises I can't do.

I already had McDonald's today for dinner ugh because I told mom to get me "anything" for dinner and my bro wanted McDee's so out came McDee's. Bleugh I feel like there's a Fillet-O-Fish monster in my tummy now haha but at least mom was smart enough to know which burger from there is under the OK category.

Because it's a total of 90 days I hope I can stick to it really.

I'm never one to stick to my dieting or exercising habits but with this guide I WILL be able to stick to it.

90 days to a better, slimmer, fitter, healthier me?


Sorry for the sudden influx of posts.

The blogging bug hit me and I decided there's only one thing to do.. BLOG

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