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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I have no idea why but I suddenly felt like blogging about my mom.

Maybe it's the fact that I'm spending a lot less time at home now due to dance. When I leave home for school my parents are either already at work (that's the case for my dad) or asleep (my mom), and when I come home from dance at around 12-1am almost every night, my parents are already fast asleep.

Due to all this I only see my parents a few hours per day? Sometimes even lesser than that.

Aaaand due to the huge decrease in the amount of time I spend with my family, I actually notice a lot more about them now then I ever did.

Like how my mom is undeniably aging.

(And to emphasize on that fact, we talked about how she has become a 'lao gim' or grandaunt and how I am now a proud aunty because of my little niece Nicole.)

It pains me to admit but everytime I look at her I notice the fine lines on her face, her increasing amount of grey hairs.

My mom is nothing but an awesome - although very cheesily put - Superwoman in my eyes.

Recently I've been overwhelmed by fatigue. I've been pushing my body to it's limits with very little hours of sleep each night and VERY long dance hours and it's finally getting it's revenge.

When my mom found out, all she could do was to try to coax me to sleep earlier each night. She'd shoo me to her room after I'm done showering so that she could use the hairdrier to dry my hair, and I'd normally fall asleep for that short period of time.

She would make sure my dad fetched me to and fro whenever he was free, and cared for my weak tummy when I complained how much pain I was in because she knew I was too tired and too lazy to care for myself at this point of time.

A mother who wakes up at 6am every day to make lunch for her fussy, weight-concious and healthy-eating-obsessed daughter. A mother who cried when she found out her kid was going through a rough time in school. A mother who makes her kids' beds every time because she knows they both wake up late and rush for school. A mother who fulfills her daughter's ridiculous demands..

I love my mother, and I seldom say this to her or my dad because I am not the mommy/daddy's girl kind of person. I've always loved and appreciated them but I'm not the type to get all lovey-dovey with my parents. But I definitely have been telling my mom I love her a lot more often now.

I can't imagine what it'd be like to lose her.

She is such an amazing woman and frankly speaking she's taught me a lot. Even though I got my stubbornness from her and my fiery temper from my dad, they've both taught me to keep these in check and I've never been more thankful for such a supportive and loving family.

Whenever my friends look at the food I've brought from home and tell me stuff like: "Omg your mom is so awesome!" and most recently - from Jessica - "You wanna swap moms?".. I feel all....... warm and fuzzy inside.

I need to start showing my parents how much I love them and how much I care.

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